Anyone want these?

Here are some avatars I was making for practice/learn some stuff, if anyone wants one just ask and I’ll replace the name/font whatever.

EDIT: Alex, Ibuki, Chun-Li avatars taken

don’t need an avatar but the kitty kat one is very nice.


ok, i’ll take the one with alex if you can change the name, do we have a deal? you know what i’ll take them all if you change the name on them do we have a deal?

Sure, since the font I used was a little fruity I changed it(if you wanted that font tell me)…

Also I tried to keep your name one solid line, if you want the ken on top of the savenge just let me know.

damn man!

damn man thats a great avatar, can i have one more please? if i can i want the one with q.

Sport that for a bit, and if no one grabs it sure.


alright, thanks anyway for the cool avatar hope to see ya again,

hey what a minute can you make a sig for me using these pics

you choose a cool back ground and i want my name on it, hope you can do this.

this forum doesn’t allow images in sigs, sorry. If you have any requests down the road, PM me instead.

Gimme the ibuki one. Put my name on it. Oh and can you make a slideshow with another av with King from CvS2 on it? I had a request a long time ago but nobody made it for me.

Thanks in advance…

I like the Chun-Li one, but with grey background and ken…I’ll try to search for a cool looking ken gif

can i also

well nobody wants the one with q so i’ll take that one in my name as well.

Dude calm down man stop being greedy, your av looks like it was just made a few days ago since the grafitti thread was pretty new.

Read the rules, use the av for at least 2 weeks, how would you feel if you made an av for someone and that person requests another a few days later?

SILENT SHINOBI: Here, your pick, (as for the king avatar, I have no sprites, if you had them, sure.)

DPossum: If you find the Ken, I’d be more then happy to try.

kensavenge: Are you serious? I just gave you a avatar and you are already sporting another one, don’t be greedy.

I think he meant for you to wear the Alex one for awhile…and in a week, or so, if no one wanted the Q one…then you could have it.

i’ll stop[

ok i’ll wait 2 weeks ok. say anybody a member of street fighter online? you can play x-men vs street fighter online on there my name is Ryusavenge, you guys should check it out.

seems kensavage needs to be informed on the rules regarding avatar requests.

Thanks for the av. It looks good.

wtf!? first u use my ken and sean av with out saying anything, wich i dont mind… then u request like 10 avs from me and other ppl at the same time and u spam the hell out of my request thread… now ur using my makoto av and i dont even get a thank you or any type of notice?? i have no respect for you.

ParryPerson: Check your pms.

Seriously, calm down with the avatar/sig requests, ken, why do you need so many damned avatars? o_O

The makoto one you have is awesome anyway.