Anyone want to buy New Xbox Chun-Li Fight stick for $150 per 1 or $1400 for 10? South BAY


I need to sell of these chun-li TE S fight stick for xbox Unopened. If you want to buy them, please pm me, I know I am not suppose to sell outside the Trading Outlet, but I don’t have 6 Months of membership.
I have asked the Moderator, he said the only way I could sell is to post local forumm, so please don’t shut this thread. Thanks you all.

You can’t buy these sticks at this price anywhere, almost everywhere is out of stock.I have receipt for all the sticks.

So it’s $150 per 1, or $1400 for 10 of them.


I just saw 4 at frys today for 129.99.


I’ll buy one. Can you give me a deal though? hahah


Also I got mine from madcatz rep at a major for 100.
Id reconsider prices.

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Do you still have any sticks available?


$150 is a bit steep, I wouldn’t pay more than $120 for that stick…


^^^ $260 same stick.


Are you still selling the chun li fight sticks for the xbox 360? @Wayne m if so il buy one k thanks


do these fight sticks need to be upgraded to sanwa parts? or are they fine as is. I have an SE that i am about to upgrade…but if i can get this instead i wont bother…


Got a fight stick for sale?


Anyone still have one of these sticks for sale? Xbox 360 version


how much are you selling for?


if anybody is selling one of these fight sticks could you let me know please? ive been looking for a reasonably priced one for a while now and id gladly pay 150 for a new one


You still selling these?