Anyone want to join my sketchbook group over at CA?

over at , in the sketchbook forum, they have this thing call the sketchbook support group (SSG) where people in a SSG will make 1 post in their own thread with art and leave comments on the other members of the same SSG everyday.

Current the group I’m i only have 5 peeps so if anyone that can do a sketch a day and leave comments for about 8-10 other people wanna join just register and post in this thread

the SSG group is a great idea because you’ll get comments from your fellow SSG members everyday which will boost your thread up and you’ll be more likely to get even MORE comments from people outside of you SSG. Otherwise threads go down really fast over there.

I would… but I’m too afraid to post there. :open_mouth:

yea, as cool as that sounds, those guys are beast! But Dfist you can hang with them, unlike myself.

guys, part of the reason for being in a SSG is to get better by drawing alot and getting crits and comments to keep you motivated. If you look through some of the sketchbooks there, the skill level are pretty diversed. There are people who start off drawing circles and squares and then end up doing photorealistic works at the end of their SB. Mindcandyman is an example. I think you guys are more than good enough to post there although there are no skill requirements to post there. It’s a forum for learning, not showing off.

Your Blanka raped. That’s all I gotta say.

I wouldn’t mind joining but I’m not gonna be able to regularly post up drawings and stuff, though. Nowhere near the one-pic-a-day thing you’re talking about. Maybe 2/3x a month at best. In retrospect maybe it’s better if I don’t – I’d suck as a sketchbook support group-member-type-thing since it wouldn’t help anyone achieve anything.

if they have thread about street fighter or other fighters, then i might join…

That’s so not true, i think your crits are among the best in this forum. My comments usually range from “good” to “awesome” - not very helpful. Yours are genuinely constructive.

D-Fist: i think it’s a great idea. But like rook, finding time to draw one sketch a day that is of a reasonable quality is hard work - those guys are very talented. I kinda like drawing when i want to not because i feel i have to.

Holy MOLEY!!.. I think I lost a tooth from the sweet, sweet, sweet, sweet artworks from that site!!!.. :looney: :looney: :looney: I should practice more…

yo DFist – you still doing this thing? I would like to join your group, if you don’t mind a guy who may not be all that regular. I will try to get some stuff as often as I can, though.

reason for me changing my mind is the realization that ConceptArt is an inspiring place to be. Been reading some of the stuff there, and I feel all “let’s draw shit” :slight_smile:

for sure rook. Just post in this thread and start a sketchbook thread. i’ll add you to our group!

Do you guys use the same usernames there… Mine’s still SEBA_BOI

would you all mind one more? I just got back into drawing agian and I would really like to get some feed back. i am a little busy with school right now but i will post as much as i can. btw my user name is Rhuidean. what r your user names on there?

Sorry guys I think we’re at the limit, we have 9 now, but you guys can start another group. group…13 haha. You can probably skip it and be group 14.

I’m Master 25 Days there.

Haha… That’s okay… I remember seeing your username, but yeah… Now I know!..

ok, my handle on CA is perched. So we just start a sketchbook and off we go? Or is it one sketchbook per person?

you start your book, then you get a few people together to post and comments each others daily. YOu can make links for all your sketchbooks and put them in your signatures too. I think there are a few people who want to join a group so you guys can probably get started now. have fun!

btw rook and seba, does CA ever seems slow to you guys? I normally update around the late hours of the night and it always takes 10 years to load a page and sometimes I just get a technical error page. It’s even worse than srk during the invasion of the new members.