Anyone want to make 100 dollars paypal? Need some work done

Hey guys. I need like 30 pictures cleaned up Sunday Night.

It’s pictures of furniture that i need to have cleaned up like the background to disappear and be clear and sharpened up.

So i would need a photoshopper to do this. It’ll take no time at all if u know what you’re doing.

Anyone down to do this shit?

how big are the images, and how complex are they. Cos a furry sofa is alot more time consuming than a leather one.

Show the pics and what you want done with them, please. :smile:

u can resize it to a smaller size 640x320 i guess?

it’s all made out of wood. I’m in a warehouse so the pictures don’t come out too well.

I just need to crop out all the crap around it. Sharpen the picture as best you can. Resize all the images to a much more managable size. This will be going into a catalog for inventoring so i need it to look nice. Possibly keep the shadows to show depth.

ohhh i see what you mean

when people do that they usually photograph them in white backdrops
just a thought :sweat:

hahah yeah i couldn’t do that. the lighting is so bad i couldn’t get a white backdrop in time as well.

I’ll do it.

I could use the money.


I was going to offer, but I guess Chibi beat me to it.

word chibi… u can do it by sunday night?

You’re in NJ too?

I’ll see what I can do, I’ll be home around 10:30pm, hit me up on aim at AkarIchijo as soon as my name pops up and we’ll go from there.

cool. i’m gonan go out tonight though i might just upload the files zipped and pm u. if u can’t do it it’s fine.

I might go to a tournament tomorrow (and end up back in NJ Sunday morning) but I want to do a couple tonight to get your approval on them before anything else.

eh… maybe i should just ask someone else?

Well if you’re happy with what I do tonight then fuck the tournament, I just won’t go tomorrow.

$100 > tournament


hey i didn’t mean it like that… u can go to the tourney or whatever. i’m just wondering if u can finish it by sunday nihgt?

We’ll see after tonight.


Ok, looks like I won’t be able to do it after all, sorry Sunoco.

Where in NJ are you in btw :D?

bergen near you =O

don’t stalk me >:O

$100? Damn, wish I had saw this thread earlier D:

oh well