Anyone want to play some SFIV?


I recently brought a PS3 and decided to get a copy of SFIV.
If anyone is up for some game feel free it add me on PSN, Im looking forward to getting better at the game



do u mean Super Street Fighter 4? Or did you really buy the old version.


I mean the original if anyone still plays that at the moment I don’t have funds to buy the new version of the game


dude the new one is like… 35 dollars lol If anything that’s like 5 bucs more than the original. Unless you reaaally went cheap and bought a used copy. It baffles me that you spent 300 on a console and didn’t want to splurge another 35 for a game.


Oddly enough, some people are still playing the original.

But yeah, I agree with Mech. Hope you didn’t really get the Vanilla new. If you got it used, that’s…fine.


No I had some games that I dint sell that I kept, and SFIV was one of them. I’m just out of practice and I just want to play against some people


lol the original game? All I see on craigslist is people trying to sell the game for 20 bucks on craigslist
oddly enough, I actually bought the original on STEAM a week back for 40 bucks, AND THE DAY AFTER, THEY DECIDED TO REDUCE THE PRICE TO 29.99, I WAS SOOO MAD :@

but yeah definitely pick up the new one, more chars, more balanced, and you can get it for like… 35 bucks 2nd handed and 45 for a new one.