Anyone want to split for a TE stick (you get internals I get the case)

anyone interested in TE internals (joystick,buttons, pcb,turbo) for their custom box or arcade cab(xbox or ps3 don’t matter got a couple of friends working at ebgames)? All i’m interested in is the case. split the cost in half way so $107 and you can take out the internals yourself. send me a pm if interested. Only locals, i’m in scarborough


Smart idea.

I have a SE stick if you’re interested in the case let me know.

i really like the design on the te stick but i may have a friend interested in the se stick. how much are looking for ?

For just the case?

Price on the case alone and whole thing. Got a couple of friends wanting in the joystick game.

The case alone I’d sell for $60.00 (CAD)

If they want the whole thing it’d be kinda tricky since 1 of the stock shitty ass Madcatz buttons broke. So if they want it stock it’d be missing 1 Madcatz button but in it’s place I could put in a Sanwa OBSF30 mm button.

The whole thing $110.00

I’ll throw in the MadCatz headset adapter piece + the original box too.

any takers?