Anyone want to trade some Sanwa 24mm's?

just got a order in for some buttons from Hong Kong and they sent me two of the wrong color. Just curious if anyone would be interested in trading with me for 2 of the same.

I have 2 brand new, unused sanwa 24mm yellow snap-in buttons

would like to trade straight up for 2 of the same only in green. Can be either Sanwa or seimitsu. No used buttons please, we can send pics to each other before finalizing and we can each pay our own repsective shipping costs based on whatever means of delivery we decide upon.

Let me know if interested. thanks

okay lightly used would be acceptable…

any takers/

green is just an odd color… i had some but i already sold them with a stick…

yuppers. Most people only buy them with something specific in mind and would most likely not have some spares kicking around. These are for my egret 2 cabinet and the yellow just doesnt match anything. Thanks anyways man.

Aww sorry ,I could of sworn I had 2 extras that you could have used…but I only have one.

If you want the one button ,I can send it to you for free(dont worry about giving me a pink one)…just like to help out!!! :slight_smile:

Or I have 2 red ones?

hey man, I appreciate that but dont sweat it. Would hate to trouble you all for that. I might just jump on the next akihabara order afterall.
thanks alot though man, awfully cool of you.

Well, I have them, but they are a bit more useful to me than yellow ones. But, if you want, I can sell you 2 green 24mm screwins for 7 shipped. I know it’s high, up to you.

PM sent chippermonky