Anyone wants to play 32-48 player free open cash prize tourney for SFV?


I plan to host SFV tournaments online weekly, but I’m not sure how many people are interested.
Prize pool is around $30. All rounds BO3 or final BO5.
Please reply this discussion if you are interested. I’m serious guys, now I’m hosting hearthstone tournaments, I really want to try SFV.

Thank you!


LOL, no one is interested?


Well, maybe the interest would grow if there is something that gives your proposal a more valid feeling. You pay that 30$ from your own money?




Free to enter and $30 for basically doing what you usually do in your spare time for free sounds like a come up to me. Sure the payout is a little low but if OP is kicking out his own money I salute him for the effort.

I don’t have a chance of winning so I don’t think I will sign up. But I think skilled players with time to spare should give it a shot. Do you plan on using paypal or something similar to distribute the winnings OP? Also is the tournament double or single elimination? Do you plan on streaming or recording?




For what region?


I can do whatever region you guys want, which region has most active players?
I will use paypal to pay the winners and streaming is on the list for sure if there are some interesting games.


Yes. I wouldn’t be able to make every tournament but would try to at least.