Anyone watch American Pickers on History Channel?

I recently got into this show about a week and half ago. It’s made me look at a lot of the “junk” I have that’s really old and stuff in my parents house like in the attic and garage very differently. I’m a fan of old school stuff so of course this is entertaining to me. To those of you who like old american culture, thrift stores, or simply seeing old school items used back in the day you should really check out this show. What I really like about the show is that it also shows you the amount of money they made off the item which they got or how much the value of the item is and how much they plan to make from it.

I’m going through my collection of vintage tin signs. It seems that if you have the right one you can make some serious money on them. Sadly I don’t have anything that is hardcore vintage I’m talking way back in the day of a famous company. I’m thinking about popping a few on ebay and selling them for between $7-$15. I do have a couple valuable things that I would never sell though that I’m sure collectors would love.

I’m very surprised that things as simply as really old car parts that don’t work and old tin cans can sell for so much.


I’d love to do their job. It looks like a lot of work, but really fun at the same time. I’m always fascinated by old stuff.

I hate that show, they basically go around being con artist and ripping people off. Then they resell everything for 3x what they paid for it.

The first thing that came to mind reading the thread topic was slavery and cotton picking. Does this make me racist?

not really
slavery was the foundation of america

and i thought the same

Says the Canadian… You know, the country that got their independence in '82. 1982.

It’s a pretty dope show and actually has something to do with history, unlike most of the history channel. Too bad it’s in the shadow of Pawn Stars.


doesnt change the fact that your country was built on slavery