Anyone who know how to rectify the frame data?help


Hi.Could some one teach me how to make a mod to rectify Chun-Li 's HK
Hyakuretsukyaku(MK for sustain) from 7 frame hit adventage to 10 frame adventage or give me a guide about it.Thanks~


i wanna recitfy Chun-Li’s Hyakuretsukyaku to 10 frame hit adventage instead of 7.someone give me some help.please.


…where are you looking? I don’t see anything listed as +7 on hit


um…Chun-Li’s HK version Hyakuretsukyaku is a very special move.Its first hit is +4 on hit,however,the following 4times continuous MK input for sustain is +7.


It’s actually listed in the notes, but if you want to edit the wiki, you should apply for an account.


um…I have no interest in wiki edition.I mean i just wanna some Mod expert help me in making a patch for Chun-Li to rectify her move’s frame data in the real gameplay.


Ask for help in this thread:


There is still nobody willing to help me yet.A little disappointment now .still waiting for an expert in coming.