-= Anyone who knows how to do this c.viper combo =-


At 0:09 I’m trying to find out how to do that part. Where c.viper calls out vergil for the assist and how to hitconfirm off of that. What’s the exact inputs and timing if anyone knows?

Please and thank you. I’m new to c.viper as a whole. But I played her in ssf4ae so I understand tiger knees and seismo spams, etc.

This is not my combo of course lol. Thanks to the guy who made it.

I’m new to Viper as well, but this is something similar to MarlinPie’s combo, although he’s using Ammy instead.

I believe he did a Burning Kick Feint to get high up, S, dash down and a Burning Kick again.

I might be wrong, but this is what I think of it.

Does anyone know how to do it PROPERLY ???

Well from what I see, It’s a super jump S then L burn kick feint, then dash down and burning kick. But I’m not 100% sure if he does the burn kick immediately after the dash down or if it’s a tiger knee’d burn kick. That’s why I need someone with some c.viper expertise to help me out. She’s a damn execution heavy character.

Anyone else have any input?

No one knows how to do this…?

apparently not.

why don’t you ask the guy who did the combo, posted it on youtube, and answered the guy asking questions about it in the comments?

After the Vergil’s assist call and seismo OTG:
sj.S (don’t forget it’s a super jump and straight up) > L.Burning Kick feint > ADD (air dash down) > L.Burning kick > S (relaunch)

Note that you don’t touch the ground after de ADD.

after the air series and you land, call vergil ASAP and it’s simple L seismo xx s.J S xx H Burn Kick and then relaunch.