Anyone who ordered the TE stick from BB

I just got an email saying it is delayed till 3/1 now. Is anyone getting this thing on time from Best Buy?

Same here, but I am not getting it on time.

i received that e-mail as well so i cancelled >:(

Same here, wish there was antoher place I could buy it.

Fuck Best Buy.

Yea we really got screwed over and I ordered it pretty much right off the bat when it went up. Most annoying part is that it’s gotten pushed back three or four times now, and something in their system keeps automatically authorizing my account on each of the days it was supposed to ship so I’m out like $170 for the better part of a week.

With the number of problems that I’ve been reading about, even if they’re just cosmetic since that’s way too much to pay for something that’s messed up out of the box, I’ve been getting pretty gun shy. Was thinking about canceling and hitting up some local Gamestops to see if they had any standard sticks but those seem to be even worse off then the TE’s and pretty much would have to mod it which I can do with my EX2. Probably going to end up canceling this weekend and ordering a HRAP EX from Amazon and replacing the buttons off the bat.

Just called Best Buy, they say that they haven’t received their shipment yet, so looks like the fault lies with MadCatz not BB.

This isn’t Best Buy’s fault. Go blame MadCatz. They gave many places numbers and now can’t fulfill the orders so instead of giving it to Best Buy, they gave it to places like GameStop and GameCrazy.

Oh and MarkMan had a bunch of them just for himself, where you hiding at MarkMan? Why not shed some light on what’s going on since you’ve been promoting these sticks at every forum you visit.

I ordered a SE stick in desperation off of Barnes and Noble last night, then cancelled it this morning and ordered a HRAP EX with sanwa buttons off of lizardlick. If it works fine I’ll be canceling my TE stick.

Definitely not amused. With the problems that people have been reporting + my luck, I deicded it just wasn’t worth waiting or ordering a different MC product.

Dude, your an idiot,dont you think he would a have some laying around. He helped design the thing!

Oh and Pillage . Have fun with your HRAP. IMO TE is the shit!

I got the same thing, incredibly angry and dissapointed. I swore off Madcatz years back, but after the glowing reviews of the stick I relented. Looks like I’ll be regretting it.

No, you’re an idiot. The damn thing was suppose to be limited to 3,000, I’m guessing they were only testing the waters so they put that number in. Sure he helped design it so he should get 1 or 2, but wtf he got that many out of 3,000? Yet people are wondering why there aren’t many to go around, MarkMan has at least a dozen of them right there!

I hope I do have fun with my HRAP. TE is still on order for 3/1 but like I said, if the HRAP works out to my liking, then I am canceling the TE. It’s not really a big deal. The TE will have some extra features that the HRAP doesnt but it will be the same stick same buttons :lol:

Don’t take it personal :looney:

Dude 3000 was NEVER confirmed! That pic was at the MC office . Also , who care if he has 10 or even 20 . He works for the company and helped design the stick. Who else should be able to have 12? Your a freakin tool!

Lets get back on track, any news for people that ordered from BB?

my ps3 order is still showing to be backordered

i called the next day and they told me that their systems are still saying that it’s supposed to ship between 02/09 - 02/19

so yeah i dunno if this is the case for ps3 orders? i also ordered from them like almost an hour after the deal was known

You’re retarded. Here’s the link to where it states the initial batch was 3,000.

I know that’s MC Office fool, but MarkMan was bragging how he had more than VGC had and didn’t even know who their distributor was. It doesn’t matter if he works for them, he shouldn’t hog all the sticks screwing the fans over. You’re still an idiot if you think he deserves it all.

Markman already confirmed that number was Wrong. Just because you read something on the internet does not make it true.

Are you gonna believe joystiq or the people involved?

Do you NOT see who joystiq spoke to? The head PR dude at MadCatz. Of course the number is wrong because the preorder numbers exceeded their initial production run so they had to make more. Btw you’re still a dumbass :slight_smile: .

I’m still waiting on MarkMan’s response, stop hiding MarkMan. AFK while I go buy food, I doubt he’ll answer by the time I get back.

Same situation for Gamestop. A palomine (that manages one) got the info in an email from corporate. :confused:

I got the shaft as well from Gamestop.

Not a big deal i already have an HRAP, so I’ll wait til later in the year for the TE stick.