Anyone willing to help a newbie?



So Im orginally a umvc3 player been playing that game since vanillas release. Ive played other fighting games before this one competitively (ssbm,ssbb, vanilla marvel 3, and umvc3) so im not a complete noob. Just a newb to street fighter.

Well I messed around with a ton of characters in street fighter and seem to have taken a liking to yang. His movement, command dashes, mantis slashes, and his ultra/supers all look hella sick compared to the other characters, and hes voiced by the guy that voices zero in marvel (who is my main in umvc3 actually). So im gonna main him and prolly just him. Are there any tips you guys can give me?

As far as what to use what not to use, links, combos and such. Or at least a point in the right direction. Any advice is much appreciated. Im on xbox my gamer tag is voteableaura, thanks to everyone in advance!


At the risk of shamelessly plugging my own videos i started a Yang tutorial video series which i can link you to here (Two chapters so far).

Chapter 1

Chapter 2

Aside from these, there’s a lot of good stuff here on this forum. I suggest you take a little bit of time to have a look around as there’s plenty of things covered on here that isn’t in any of my Videos…but the videos are a good place to start! I wish you luck!


The two main BnBs to know:

  1. cr.LKx3 xx Slashes
  2. cr.LP, st.LP, cr.MK xx Slashes.

Generally your main mixup tool is going to be FADC 2nd HP Slash into whatever. It lets you combo into ultra, but more importantly (imo) is the ability to do cl.MK (his launcher) into whatever you want. I also like to do 2nd LP Slash FADC into command grab.

Some don’ts:

  1. Spam divekick. His divekick is hella unsafe unless you hit waist high or below. If you notice them focusing your dives, try to do his target combo jump-in to beat that.
  2. Using more than his 1st LP rekka, unless you hit confirm. 1st LP rekka is -2, I believe. It’s relatively safe and meh chip.
  3. Spam DP on wakeup. His LK DP is his only invincible wakeup option, but it’s 5 frames and to FADC it, you have to be really close. EX Teleport is strike and projectile invincible on startup, but you can still be grabbed, so don’t spam that either.

These are just the super basics, but other than that, the only things for now that you need to know are that his anti-airs are very situational, so practice the spacing and whatnot as much as you can. Personally, until you get quite comfortable with Yang, I wouldn’t even attempt to use his super. It’s almost like learning a whole new character. Plus, you’ll probably get more mileage out of your meter by just doing rekka FADC mixups.


Second chapter is here? Sweet! Oh, and would you mind making an extra chapter before Ultra’s release detailing (once they’re confirmed) Yang’s changes and the possibilities that sprout from them? That’d be awesome.


I love different kind of fighting games specially taken but then i really need to learn more and hope somebody also teach me here some moves on taken.


Thanks everyone ill def look into this stuff and start practicing. Damn its exciting learning a new fighting game lol


That’s horribly off-topic. But if you insist, then you can check out the Tekken forum section or check out other sites such as Tekken Zaibatsu ( < Is that advertising?).




Yeah i put it up last week. SRK and Eventhubs haven’t bitten yet so its not getting too much coverage but its there none the less!

I was planning on putting out a change list video complete with how it changes his game but that’s far into there future i think lol



~ Flagged his as*!


As long as the idea’s still illuminating that light-bulb of yours, mate. :wink: