Anyone willing to make this avatar?


Just use this picture to make the naruto avatar. Use your creative skills and try your best to make this avatar. oh yah, don’t forget to put, “yoshimon,” some where in the avatar. thx a bunch!:cool:


Hows this?


That one’s pretty cool. :cool:

Anyways, if you don’t like the first one, man (not likely, though) I’ll take a crack at it. I’m bored. :smiley:


Sabotage: damn man! the naruto avatar is nuts! thx a lot! perfect job man…maybe you could make me another avatar in the later future…but that would be a long time b/c i like this avatar:cool:


Glad u like it man, just ask if u want another one anytime.


Sabotage: thanks a million times for being so nice and all! I’m glad nice ppl like you exist. take care and i appreciate everytthing