Anyone willing to part with their X-box 360 PCB'ed up Arcade Stick, Please?

I am looking for an X-box 360 Japanese laid out custom stick. I have contacted many builders, but there seems to be a long wait at all of them. And I would like one ASAP. So if any of you are willing to part with an X-box 360 PCB’ed up arcade stick with preferably Sanwa stuff, I am willing to pay a good price. Thank you for the space.


Its tournament season what did you expect

You obviously haven’t contacted them all. I have quite the short line, and I’m working on two 360 pads right now (generally takes 2-3 days to make a stick). You’re not looking very hard. Quit being lazy and take a good look around.

Since when is it never not tournament season lol?

Thread Fails.

thanks kuenai