Anyone willing to prepare a sanwa or seimitsu to fit a doa stick?

just as the topic describes. Was wondering if anyone would be willing to modify a sanwa or seimitsu stick and sell one to me to fit in a DOA4 stick. i noticed some modifications to the sticks need to be made to be able to fit in the small casing Obviously I would pay for this to be done. I’m Preferring a seimitsu LS-32 but if it cant be done a sanwa JLF is fine as well. i know i would need to use the spacers and such from the hori stick to get the correct height and such, which i can do myself of course. from reading chippermonkey’s doa4 mod thread, it looks to be out of my league to do. im not very skilled in drilling and modifications. i can solder tho. i just dont wanna be drilling and such and mess it up.

i was gonna put this in the trading forum, but considering this is kind of a more specific request, i figure it would go here. if anyone has any experience doing this and is willing, by all means, let me know. just name your price for the stick/shipping/your time. or point me to a better place to get this help.

thx fellaz

id like to know too

but would the FS3 be the same thing? considering its as tiny as a doastick

yeah im not sure, i suprisingly havent opened mine up yet to look at the guts. thats a good question. considering vf5 is on ps3 at evo. granted i can play akira with the stock stick, but maybe having sanwas might help me out a little more. vf5/ST: HD is the main reason why i wanna mod my doa stick for when it comes out. but now that you mention fs3, i would like to know that as well.

I put a Seimetsu LS-32-01 in this really eaisly. Just PM me and I’ll show you how.

Is the pcb attached to the buttons like the t5?
my fs3 is like that and i want to know how i mod it, along with my t5

i have 2 LS-32’s coming in the mail soon

shoo: hori pretty much solders the pcb directly to the buttons in all their products =/

oh well :slight_smile:

usually its not a big deal tho, you just desolder em and run wires from the leads to the buttons if you decide to change em. pretty easy

yeah it’s pretty easy. the thing with sanwa’s though is you might have to bend or cut the button prongs down so you have enough clearance for the pcb to fit comfortably, at least in the doa stick, i had to bend the button prongs to get this thing to fit right due to some protruding parts in the pcb.

will it handle it?
it wont snap off?

just be careful