Anyone willing to take me "under their wing"? XBL

I am fairly new to the game and my main is yun atm and i really enjoy playing him, I am mostly having trouble landing combos and crossups. I picked up the game 3 days ago and i am playing everyday until i get better!
I guess what I am asking for, is someone thats pretty good at the game take me under their wing. Teach me how to play better, learn most match-ups and frames. If anyone would be willing to do this, and be dedicated to helping me get better and become a much better player, I would greatly appreciate it. Contact me through replying to this forum, or adding me in game.
My other fighting games that i have played is all the Blazblues and Guiltygear.

Also, my hours are different and my days off are most of the time different every week. I usually work from about 5pm to about 1-3am and sometimes i work from 11am to 7pm but anytime after or between then i will be on playing or online trying to learn a matchup or something. I am VERY dedicated to becoming good at this game!

Thanks very much for your time.

XBL: Void DestroyZ

sign up at and we`ll see if we can help you improve your game :slight_smile:

well yun does not have any crossups beside lk dive kick on wakeup