Anyone willing?



I’ve come to realize that I need some help/coaching on how to play Adon correctly. I feel as though there are just fundamental flaws in my approach to the character. I watch GB all the time, but I admit, it’s a bit overwhelming when he’s doing crap I just can’t execute like IAJK… quick links to jk combos… etc. If so, shoot me a pm or leave your gamertag and I’ll get back with you. my xbl gt is same as my UN: Kaptivated.


Sry dude … I am currently close to “0” online or even on my xbox … I also need some serious hours in P-Mode to get back into shape … we got a offline casual session and my AA and execution was really not good …

What you can do is post some of your matches/sets and you will get feedback on the points you need improvement … for the time being just focus on basic combos, AA and punish … practice IAJKs stuff in P-mode but when you play focus on fundamentals … that is all …

I want to create a char specific thread since month … but real-life is dominating me … XD


awesome! I definitely will post some vids… soon as I figure out how to do that :smile:


if you can find your battle records in the menus there is an upload to youtube option there. Make sure we can see your inputs too for IAJK advice.


ok here you go guys… please provide insight on whatever you can. sorry… I didn’t use the input data, but will do so in the future. I should get a chance to do some matches tonight! thanks guys… WARNING THE FOLLOWING VIDEOS ARE FILLED WITH SCRUBBISH PLAY AND I KNOW IT… lol… hence why I’m here.




Can’t watch the video because it says its private.


private??? hmmm… let me check that out


ok… thanks for letting me know that bro… should be good now


turn your inputs on so we can see them.I saw you get thrown out of a RJ so i’d like to know what you tried. HK RJ is throw invul

my main advice would be to really slow down. you do that by only doing something when you absolutely know why you’re doing it.

Why am I jumping to THIS spot? What am I trying to hit him doing with this RH.

Right now you just kind of know spacing of things even though you whiffed a lot of jaguar kicks which you’ll soon learn is a death sentence, but now just learn to walk forward and back for periods of time without doing anything except studying the other player and predicting what they’re going to do next and be outside the range of whatever that is…
use buttons other than RH, it’ll get jumped on and punished soon. I’m sure you get frustrated losing to flowchart style shotos and other bs play online and it’s because you are putting too much out there. if you can learn to develop your defense now, take some L’s and learn from them. you’ll improve over night.
You might be overloading yourself with information which is easy to do, so just set small goals for online play and not try to win EVO every match things like whiff punish something with xx rj or land super
set restrictions like you can’t get in with special moves, you have to walk your way in etc etc

check out this video for dealing with focus attacks


I have only watch the first match. Only advice i will give you now is to learn your basic. Stop using jk all the time n learn how to space your aa. You keep letting the cody jump in on u


i am surprised that you did no wakeup jump in crossup at all.
you play on console right?


I do play on console… xbox 360… I’ve miraculously gotten way worse over night lol… I went from 1000 pp to about 400pp and I’m not playing well at all. smh. gamertag… “KAPTIVATED” hit me up


Shoutout to the homie Ryu Gosling for coming through and teaching me some stuff last night!!! I think I got better INSTANTLY! Thank you! My main problem is, as much as I hate to admit it, I’m a spazz. I’m either way too timid or way too agressive and just mash specials… jk mostly. I gotta learn my normals and I get thrown way too much. I think that’s an issue with my comfortability with my stick (which I need fixed, as is).

but again… THANK YOU BRO!