Anyone with alienware laptop experience?

Gonna save up for a gaming laptop and thought it be good to get any feedback from people who have done business with them. Games i plan on playing are

DirectX : 9.0c
Hard Drive Space : 5 GB Free
Operating System : Windows 2000/XP/Vista
Processor : Pentium 4 @ 3 GHz
RAM : 1 GB
Video Card : 128 MB

Hard Drive Space : 9.5 GB free hard disk space
Operating System : Windows XP
Processor : Pentium4 processor
RAM : 256 MB RAM

FFXIV but no system requirements have been released.
Bioshock 2
and possibly a few others that are coming out

Skip the alienware and go for the new asus laptop with the 5870.Don’t bother with the nvidia gpu’s because they all suck.

gaming laptop

Does it really have to be a laptop? You’ll get a PC for cheaper that’s better at the end of the day. Just forget Alienware all together, that’s even more of a ripoff.

it does need to be a laptop for moving purposes, im in a transition period where ill be moving and plus i will need it for school somewhat. If not alienware, then what laptop company that lets you customize it would you guys recommend?

Honestly, don’t get a gaming laptop. I have a friend who has an Alienware and not only does it give him iffy performance with games, eat battery like a mofug, and heat up like it wants to melt off your dick and weld itself to your pelvis, but it’s heavy as a motherfucker too. Honestly, pick up a good midrange laptop that can handle the shit you need for school/mobility to throw at it… hell most of them will play wow and sf4pc and shit easily anyway… and play games on a desktop or pick up a PSP or something.

As a former Alienware customer, all I have to say is:

Fuck an Alienware.

They can go eat a chain gang of dick, and choke to death on the smegma.

Good luck, if you do go that route.

Because if your system winds up having a problem (trust me, it will), then your shit’s in the wind.

Customer service? :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

A long-ass warranty? :sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep::sleep:

My desktop spent more time in transit between my pad and their repair center and in said repair center, than it did on my desk.


If you must go boutique, then go Digital Storm.

They make quality shit.

My DS was one of my best purchases ever.

Alright, so whats some good companies to buy a custom desktop from then?

I had a friend with a Sager. Ran really solid and worked well for VFX and 3D animation and games well too. Asus is good too. I second the notion of not getting a mobile nVidia. I had 2 laptops in a row with a overheating nVidia. There was a whole lawsuit with nVidia producing overheating mobile GPUs. Get an ATI.

There are practical reasons to have a mobile gaming laptop. It was a pain in the ass to work on school assignments if you course involves taxing art packages and have to be tied down to only be able to work in one place. I got soo much more work done being able to work on my school projects while riding trains or waiting between classes at school, not needing to wait to check out a computer at the already overflowing computer lab.

Alienware is like the joke brand of gaming notebooks.
You’re paying several hundred dollars just for the brand name.

If you’re going with a desktop just buy parts from and put it together yourself. You can learn to build a desktop within an hour through youtube videos, it’s pretty idiotproof for the most part.

PS: You don’t want a gaming laptop for school anyway. They devour battery life, get really hot, and weigh alot.

The new alienware M11x seems pretty sweet. its an 11 inch gaming laptop, ive seen it run mass effect 2, modern warfare2,and left 4 dead 2 on highest settings and its sub 1000$. im sorry if you read this and i screw up your decision but i just thought id throw that out there since it doesnt cost an arm and a leg like the other laptops on the site, hope this was some help:shy:

You should also come with the expectation that a High performance laptop will have a shorter life than a energy efficient one. Gaming laptops tend to live for only a 3-6 years. In my circle of VFX college friends who did 3D animation and required those types of laptops, with the amount of 3D rendering and fully taxing we threw at them, The burnt out and had over heating problems at the end of their lives, but by then they where outdated anyway.

Learn to build a desktop. Not as complicated as you might think it is and you’ll save quite a bunch. Use the money you save and then buy a netbook or a low range laptop for portability.

This. My Laptop literally had to be sent in 5 times, one time it ACTUALLY CAUGHT ON FIRE.

Oh and I hope you enjoy waiting over a month every time it needs to be sent in.

Oh and to top it all off they ended up discontinuing service on my laptop and wanted to charge me 400$ to fix it when it was still on warranty.

Pro: The Laptop got hot enough to heat up a cookie.

well to be honest, i’ve tried putting a computer together before and i had no luck, i know its cheaper to buy parts but i have no knowledge of putting one together and dont want to take the chances of ordering parts that dont work together or anything like that. So ill just buy a cheap laptop for school but what company should i order from for a gaming one unless someone here knows someone who puts together computers… has good gaming pre-built PCs

Here’s a good guide on computer parts for building your own.

I had never built a desktop before, but I bought parts and built it myself. There are numerous guides to teach you. Additionally, desktop-specialty forums exist to help. I’m sure if you put up a budget, they’ll be able to give you a list of parts. You can put up your list and they’ll let you know if they won’t work together or what components are better. Here’s something to start from.

alright, ill take a look at some videos and what not and see if i think i can. Thanks for the help guys :slight_smile:

“gaming” laptops are almost always shitty, because they’re bulkiness and low battery life defeats the purpose of portability, and they are much more expensive than normal gaming PCs.

Thankfully, though, graphics haven’t grown much in the past 4 years, and low-end laptops can usually play most of the games coming out.


I’ve been thinking of getting this. It can definitely do TF2 well, and I can hook it up to my TV if I felt like playing on a big screen.