Anyone with any Hayato Vids?

Just lookin for some.

I did a search with all the hayato threads in here and couldn’t find anything, I wanna see him in the hands of a master so if somebody has some post here!

same here, i would like to see just one vid of him.

I’ve got some match vids with him and he’s in at least one of MikeZ’s combo vids (full list here - ), but I’ve never really seen anybody particularly outstanding with him. You can find those on the hub - .

decent play, though somewhat scrubby, since i’m using joystick (i use control)
a little better, but we recorded more ps2 vids. my friend just didnt wanna put anything of me owning him up lol (dont find it very fair, since he put up most of the x arcade matches of him winning, but hey, i know i’m better than him, so i dont really care)

just another vid



A video with some combos and the hayato glitch

Yo, what happened at the end of that vid?

is the hayato glitch

Oh ok…now I understand. :confused:


edit: I had never heard of the Hayato Glitch until watching your vid, even though mention of it had already been posted in this Hayato section. Thanks for that…seriously, no sarcasm intended.

Only way to exit outta that glitch is to special or super, it’s full of lols though.

Also cool vid.

How do u do it?


how do i do his glitch anyone?

I thought it would be enough to just provide you with the link.

It could also work with the HP versions as well.


All props to the original poster, DjClayface.