Anyone with experience from Cyberpowerpc?

Planning to get a new pc and I’m pretty sure I’m gunna go with . Just wondering if anyone has had past experience from them and was wondering to get your thoughts on your experience.

yeah i bought a pc from them and i had to reassemble it. they also gave me a cheaper mobo than what i payed for, missing firewire. they also did not give me a customer support number required for the customer support people to even talk to you. They suck. Because I had to re assemble it myself I might as well have just bought everything from newegg and put it together myself.

They have too many overhead charges & lack of support. All they have are custom colored cases made for them directly from manufacturers. If you are going to build a great desktop, you are better off getting barebone combos from Newegg or Tiger Direct since 4th of July is coming. For gaming laptops you are better off with an fully build with warranties ASUS or MSI from the afore mentioned.

My cousin works there.

I bought a pre-made CyberPower PC off Newegg back in October 2009. The video card was D.O.A. but customer support did a decent job on replacing it for me quickly. About 2 weeks ago my power supply died and customer support wasn’t as good.

You should just buy your own parts off Newegg/Tigerdirect. It’ll be cheaper and you’ll have quality parts. The only reason I went with a pre-made PC was cause I was scared of building my own but after tinkering with mine I realized its easier than i thought. And fun.