Anyone with Xbox live and would like to chat while playing TVsC to help get better?


Obviously this game and Wii do not have the best on-line features. Having both Xbox live and PSN have spoiled me to the point that this game is frustrating since it doesnt have spectator rooms and chat capabilites. I am new to this game as I am sure many others are. I can only watch so many videos on youtube as well as play in training mode but playing others helps a little more. Unfortunately playing on-line is frustrating because I dont know what the heck I am doing. lol

So what I was hoping was for those with xbox live lets get in a voice chat while playing this game. Many people dont realize this is possible because they think there tv has to be on or you have to use your xbox since it is on. Not the case. I have many times been playing on my ps3 and talking via voice chat on my 360 bec ause the sound comes from the controller not the TV. If your WII is connected along with your other game systems it wont be a problem. Just get the voice chat working on the 360 and then switch to your Wii and go from there.

If anyone is willing to do this let me know. My gamertag is Sweet Poison and my FC is Troyicus - 2579 4522 9592 - Omaha, NE

And I am trying to learn Saki and Joe the Condor.



have you checked out the joe the condor thread, I posted some joe/saki combo’s since that’s the team I use, I also give random thought about the team in a couple parts of the thread.


Thanks man. I had to also find the thread to understand the foreign language of notations. lol I was wondering what all the numbers meant. :slight_smile: I cant believe no one is up for chatting while playing this. This is tough for me because it makes me feel like I am playing on my snes and trying to learn how to play. Like I said on-line gaming has spoiled me and made me somewhat lazy toward learning games.


I’d be up for this, but first I need to get the wired adapter so my online isn’t complete crap. Then maybe I would chat some.


Most of the fighting game community plays face to face, so we just practice some little execution stuff on our own, and then play real people for matches, obviously that’s not an option for everyone though. You should try getting skype though, since you don’t need a ps3 or xbox for skype, you can connect and voice chat with anyone, and it’s free. Additionally online is pretty sketchy in fighters with even the best net code, so most people will be pretty reluctant to play online at all, so not only do you have to find someone with a good connection who is willing to play online they also need to have some sort of voice chat program.

I’d personally recommend trying to get a community started up IRL in your vicinity(or find one that already exists), start up a club at your school or work or something, and try to ease new players into it, then you can all learn together! Good luck either finding people, or finding some online comp, more people playing is always better.