Anyone worked / done business with Amway?

My buddy was looking for other means to supplement his income. His sketchy friend suggested that he should work for Amway. Apparently it works by you having a website under your name and you sell products. People buy your stuff you get some profit. But the kicker and where most of the cash flows through is through referrals. I been here on SRK for a long time and seen that whole Studiotraffic debacle that happened, so I’m curious if this is something similar to that. My friend already got the kit and it look sorta legit. Already has two people under him apparently. So I’m just curious if anyone has any experience with Amway? Is it as good as they say?

I thought it was widely known that it’s silly to even fuck with them

What do you mean? Aside from them being a big ass corporation?

You have to work your ass off to get anything from AmWay.

Ah so its not something you can do on the side while maintaining a job and going to school at the same time? How much time investment is it? I know I shouldn’t really expect a free ride but I thought it be something cool to do on the side for some additional cash flow for a weekend.

I really don’t know that well, I’ve never done it but it’s super commission based. You need to push product to see profit for time invested.

Amway, as in “I am way too gullible if I sign up for this.”

Here’s the test to know if you’re getting scammed…

Did you find out about your new business opportunity from a radio commercial? If so, you’re getting scammed.

Not really. I just know that they own a bunch of stuff and they bought the Orlando Magic Arena… which I think is called Amway Arena now. I heard it from a friend of a friend that is trying to get me in it. He already sucked in my other buddy. I just know that u gotta pay 160 dollars to get your do it yourself kit, set up your website and some other helpful stuff including free products that they sell. That’s far as I know. I’m not too good friends with the person that was recommending it so I don’t really trust him. But he has been boys with my other friend for years… but it is unsure whether or not he would screw him just for referral money.

LoL. That was quite clever.

Herbalife backs the Galaxy and they are a pyramid scheme I’m pretty sure. Getting my beckham jersey was the most involvement I ever want with them.

I know a couple guys that do/did it. You can apparently make some pretty good money if you can talk people into signing up with you, but I hear it’s pretty time consuming. Butvyeah, it’s pretty much a pyramid scheme.

The largest pyramid scheme next to the make up lady.

There is no such thing as easy money. :wink:

That reminds me: remember those “Get free iPad/X-Box360/PSP/etc.” sites where you have to refer 3-5 people to get one? I remember back when SRK used to have quite a few threads where people would just swap referrals to get this free stuff.

What happened to that? I dont see those ads anymore.

Christ there really is a sucker born every minute.

Tanion, just do this real novel thing you may not have tried before called THINKING. Do it for a few min, think about how amway works and how you would actually be making money over time. Hopefully you will come up with the right answer.

“durr they must be legit because they own orlando magic arena!” - thats the whole fckin point why they did it! So suckers lile you would think it makes them legit

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