Anyone worried about how well UMvC3 will sell?


Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3
The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary
Assassin’s Creed: Revelations
Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception
Saints Row: The Third

All are coming out on November. It’s bat**** crazy for Capcom to put UMvC3 for release on that month, and you can hate Capcom, think that they are ripping us fans off but fact is if UMvC3 doesn’t sell well, we could very well forget about getting a MvC4.


Frankly, I think it’s too soon to be worrying about that.


we should all boycott umvc3.


capcom has been fleecing the fgc since 89



I think it’ll do fine.


I was kinda thinking about that to, actually. All those big name AAA titles coming out in November, plus people’s natural hesitance about buying into a whole new revision not even a year since the old one… I dunno. I hope it does well. Maybe the 39.99 price tag, flashy cover art and Ghost Rider will make it sell well.


I’m not really worried. It’s a new Capcom fighting game, featuring Rocket Raccoon. How could it not sell?


And we have happily let ourselves get milked. Is there something wrong with that?




Hey guys! Stop buying things you want! You’re falling right into their trap!

Ono asking for AE rebalance requests

I’ll fall for it willingly.


Dat Ass


im more worried about if im gonna have money to get it


im not worried, im pretty confident it wont sell as much. i know alot of casual gamers who were massively disappointed with MvC3, and considering that they are the majority, i dont see this selling as much


Being a fighting game I don’t think it competes directly with the others, plus there’s the whole holiday season so sales might be better.

Anyway, I hope not, I hadn’t thought about that…shit, now I need to save money for UMvC3 and Skrym.


There aren’t other FGs coming out in the month. By that logic none of the games you listed would sell since they would all kill each other.

It will sell like hot cupcakes, specially with characters like Ghost Rider in the cover. Surely it won’t sell as much as Vanilla did, but it will still do very well.


UMvC3 almost guarantees that I don’t buy Darkstalkers first edition game and give Street fighter X Tekken a really funny look. I was hyped for it until I started reading all the nerfs they did. Capcom balancing is by far one of the biggest boner killers ever.


It’s ok everyone is going to buy it and play it just like AE


AE is a farce too.

intentionally make the dlc characters top? thats fucked, for a few reasons.

first being people that are willing to pay more money get to use better characters. secondly that by creating some game dominating dlc character that is akin to 3s chun or (lol) 3s yun or cvs2 a-groove the game will eventually become stale by repetitive use of the top characters. those players hardcore enough to stick with this will, but the majority of competitive players will get bored and figure that they’d rather move on to another game with less lopsided balance, just in time for capcom to sell them the next offering: STREET FIGHTER VS. TEKKEN.

this game will then be upgraded to street fighter vs. tekken champ edition, and then once more to super street fighter vs. tekken champion arcade edition. but this last game will have one terrible flaw in that the dlc characters are wayyyyy too good. just in time for capcom to sell you their next offering: Bank Account Fighter vs. Sheeple: We Be Rollin in Benjamins


Oh I agree with you, I’m just saying that at the end of the day people are still going to buy it. Everyone wants to be ahead of the curve when new things come out, so people wont risk being behind in a game just because they feel they’re getting ripped off.


Umm you can’t buy AE without the AE exclusive characters so there’s no paying more for DLC characters. When you purchase AE you get the 4 new characters and AE balance. If you don’t buy AE DLC, you’re stuck with Super balance.

Repetitive use of characters doesn’t make a game stale. Look at MvC2 and 3rd Strike.