Anyones 360 sf fight pad Y (or other button) just stop working right? Soldered stick

Im using the fighpad in my dreamcast agetec stick. Alls fine for months. Im in the middle of playing, and put the stick down and 360 pops up saying disconnected. Ok I get this sometimes, plug it back in, alls good. No, Y buttons Medium isnt working. Ok maybe My solder job messed up or a quick disc popped off cuz i was in it the other day to add a LB. Nope, alls good. Checking the wiring, I have Zero on screen and hes charging. Ok, so the buttons stuck in. If I cross it to grounds, nothing. If I cross it with another signal then it goes. If crossed with jump, hell jump and shoot the fireball and start charging again. Sounds to me the signal and grounds are stuck on.
So i go in with a razor and i sever some of it. Looks good. nope, same shit.
I actually cut the whole button zigzag area and cut the trace to that area.
Same thing. I yanked off all my solder wires, same thing.
Im guessing this shit just went and broke on me…
Yea, I checked the multimeter to a ground and it comes up just a hint, like anyother signal to a ground. I cut the trace several times all the way up to the hair thin one into the chip and still its held down

Pictures. It really sounds like you are not being delicate enough with the pcb with the whole talk of cutting, yanking and razor blades. It just sounds like the actions you are taking have damaged the PCB.

I gave up on it. Im not a pro but I know enough to understand whats going on. Ive soldered 4 sticks before and also done numerous liteon mods.
Its just odd alls fine midgame, then says lost connection. I had to unplug and plug it back in, and then my Y button no longer worked. But when I randomly chose chars in training to test, Zero kept charging, meaning it was pressed.
I confirmed in my PC with USB game controller settings.
Im saying that usually would only happen to me if I crossed the signal with a ground. But my multimetered said it wasnt grounded. So I thought maybe it was a mistake and went along the trace and cut it, and Y was still on. I cut all the way to the IC chip. So if its still in, its obviously not a ground issues because im a good 3 inches and 6 cuts away from my solder which never made contact with the ground area.
Friends at the mall, gonna just pick me up another pad.