Anyones Sanwa Flash, ASCII Optical, or Happ P360 ever die out?

I was wondering what peoples personal experience with these are? ive never heard of anyones actually dying out.

I think the newer happ p360’s will die out if you use them on a pad without the proper voltage. They’ll work in a hacked ps1 pad, but it only puts out like 3.3 volts, so eventually it’ll kill the joystick. The older wico and wico/happ ones tolerate the lower voltage much better.

No clue on the sanwa flash, i’ve never played on one, but i’ve always wanted to. I bet they’re amazing.

ive had my ascii flash clone plugged in my computer for like a few months now and it hasnt died. im gonna be like kramer and push it to the limit i think haha. this runs at 3.3v so the voltage from a ps pad is good. i wonder how long it will last.

I tried using a 5volt wall adapter on my p360 sticks but it didn’t work well. Missed presses, stuck presses etc. When I measured the output, it was only putting out like 3.5 volts. I tried another adjustable wall adapter at the 4.5 voltage and it works like a charm. Checking the voltage, it actually measures in the 5 volt range.

When the optical sensors finally give up the ghost, I don’t think there’s much else that can be done short of replacing the joystick’s whole circuit board assembly. (You’d have to cannibalize a perfectly good, new one to fix it anyway.) Not 100% sure on this, hopefully someone more knowledgeable can confirm (or deny) this.

I heard the stated lifespan expectancy for the Sanwa Flash’s sensors is 2000 hours of operation time (being on)… which sounds TERRIBLE. It came up in some thread here where a guy realized he’s been leaving his optical stick plugged into his computer (meaning the “eyes” are powered) all the time.

I honestly think that number is too small to be true though, or they wouldn’t have produced them in the first place; if an arcade is open only eight hours a day, and leaves its machines turned on that entire time, with thirty days in a month it will only take eight and a half months before that amount of operation time is accumulated and the Flash is predicted to die. The JLF will last longer than that even under a strict regimen of regular scrubby mashing abuse!

No clue about the ASCII or the P360.

well I’ll be trying some suzo inductive sticks soon. I’ll be giving them 5volts and they will be randomly hooked to an xbox360. I’ll post when it dies. Stay tuned.

Why do you think they discontinued it?

yep that is the reason it died. regular JLFs last for about 1,000,000 presses but you have to have someone playing the game to actually use those up. The Flash will be on no matter what. Japanese arcades go through like buttons/sticks every 2 to 3 months so it just wasn’t worth the extra money for the flash.

omron microswitches have 50.000.000
buttons have only 1.000.000
and I have my HappP360 4 year connected on PC IPAC 12/24h
still work:P

thanks. p360 plugged in for 4 years is what i like to hear. lol

Ahaha holy shit. They didn’t plan that one very well!

official Wico information
Wico P360 2 years guarantee.
I think happ lets 2 years also

my observations:
P360 on 3,3V 5-24months
P360 on +5V >24months

when P360 die the diagonals begin registering near end of the normal movement (left, right, up down) this is odd and strenge because new P360 has problem with diagonals only 15degres. when you get engage on 4 degress on left, on 7 you get random diagonal (left/up or left/down) , max throw is 8 on I groove.

Suzo Universal Inductive “is joy forever” and is true, meny persons have him 10-20 years:lovin:

I’ve had dead sensors in my Sanwa Flash… still trying to find a way to fix it.

you can buy a p360 and take the sensors off there
its the same.

i dont know why people say their flash is gonna die or their p360.

ive had my wico p360 for so long i cant even remember.,… it will never die i just stick it in a new box everytime as seen here.

ive also beasted on my sanwa flash for many years and its had not problems what so ever… it also just gets stuck in a new box when i make a new box.

running it off 3.3v is no problem from what ive seen.

also we had arcades here with p360s for a few years and thats why they bought p360s was so they could stop buying comp sticks… and guess what?

they saved tons of money because they havnt had to replace the p360.

like 75% of us people here in dallas use a p360 or flash for marvel… we play alot and its still golden.

Even after people telling you how to? You’re killing me man.

Those inductive joysticks are pretty much eternal. Optical stick’s have lifespans based on how long their powered on. Mechanical sticks have lifespans based on clicks. Those inductive joysticks are pretty much eternal; you’ll probably wear out the spring or wear down bushings on the stick before it ever dies.

Actually, the USB is feeding it 5v. The PS pad doesn’t down convert the voltage so your ascii is getting the correct amount of power.

since your on the topic of P360’s anyways I was wondering if anybody would be able to answer this question I have I have to old MAS sticks that I’m getting the joysticks swapped out and I’m thinking asbout using the P360’s shown on this link
I’ll be using them on Dreamcast and PS2-PS3 systems respectively possibly some use on computer, my question is I’ve heard that P360’s put out out extra voltage and therefore may not be safe to use them is this something I should be worried about. I would like to point out now if its not immediate obvious I don’t know alot about electronics or arcadesticks but thank you for your help