Anyplace aside from Lizardlick and Akihabara for sanwa sticks/buttons

Both of those places uses paypal and my credit card is fucked because some stupid bitch lied about her item being received and I refused to pay it. She had horrible feedback while mine was great they still took her side which is totally bs.

Anyway some site who does not use paypal so I can mod my se stick?

Yeah sorry paypal sucks. Obviously ebay is out of the question. You should probably look in the trading forum here. I got 6 pink sanwa snap-in buttons and an octagonal gate that I’ll let go of for cheap if you’re interested

PayPal loves to side with the buyer. It’s BS. Did you ship to a confirmed address with delivery confirmation? If not they basically default to the buyer regardless of the circumstances. My girl lost all interest in selling online after we had to deal with a stupid PayPal dispute.

Ebay and paypal suck ass. I use amazon only. I’ll pass on the pink buttons though, lol.

I have yellow sanwa screw ins if youre interested.

Yes, but.

Yes, I do know other places.
But, they use paypal too.