Anything cool sf/stick related i can buy in CHINA


My parent are going to China and they said they would bring me back some things.
Anything i should get? good deals on sticks? other cool stuff?


You can get Qanba sticks for around 500 rmb locally. Aside from that, not really. Arcade parts aren’t really any cheaper/expensive here that in other places.


know where my parents can get it? like a store? or off people.


It’s more of a buy online thing.

???|QanBa Arcade Joystick|


See if you can find USB Saturn pads. Maybe you can find them for less than the current rate of $20 USD on ebay. Great for fighting games, and can also work as a cheap PC/PS3 PCB for padhacking and installing in a stick.

Be sure to look for the Sega logo on the front and SLS logo sticker on the back, though. Anything else is a cheap(er) knockoff.

Edit: No idea where you would find one, though. The box looks like this.


than. uh, why buy in china? when i could get it in canada.