"anything goin' down tonight?" - The Fresno Thread


that UltraDavid yelp


Cody’s new name is Britain.


Just a reminder, Danger Room is back friday night. Its been a couple weeks so be nice to have a session. See you guys there!


dead thread


RIP in Peace…

SRK is dead…shit is all moving to facebook groups.


God thread is dead. is the FGC dead?




at the very least shouldn’t we have a link to the FB group somewhere so we can redirect them to a place where people will actually get a response?




Time to breathe life into this dying scene yoo I’m a little late but fgc was a less than favorable choice for a replacement name ac was pretty godlike and can u guys link me the group on fb


Well it had to happen but i think the new name breathes new life


Facebook Group

Facebook Page


Much appreciated good sir


Looking to sell 2 of my sticks. Both are Round 1 TE’s. Button(s) need to be replaced (1 or 2 on either stick). One for Xbox 360 and another for PS3. $60 for each, but negotiable on contact.

Note: Xbox 360 stick heavily used and has stickers on them. Buttons are relatively new (1-2 need to be replaced) and everything works perfectly fine.

PS3 stick used only in tournaments. Purchased in 2009? Used occasionally. Buttons used but one needs to be replaced. Overall, stick works perfectly fine.

Message me for pictures as well.


Dead thread is dead. Ft10 for 50 bucks anyone? mahvelll


i guess this thread is dead as fuck but i just wanted to say im actually leaving fresno for good this weekend

bye dudes


and just like that, Team EBT has disbanded




Still dead.


I would like to take this time to say farewell to fellow player, John (the guy that usual hangs out with Randy and Anton). RIP you crazy Asian guy.

“Oh hell naaaaw… yeeaaaaaah” -As John mashes on the Marvel 2 cab.


thread necrosis