"anything goin' down tonight?" - The Fresno Thread

Jojo will be opening up FA tonight at 6. Probably close at 12 or 1 tonight

whats up, this is Francisco, the Ken user. Had a coo time at FA today, will definitely be goin back again, hopefully get some more MvC practice cuz im a scrub right now. Need more AE players to go next time tho :wink:

thanks to all fo the gg’s last night. Francisco, Eraldo… next time…

Session at my house tomorrow night @ 8! Call or text 559-355-7521 for directions

Blog Update: Tokido!



After last night’s festivities I realize how I NEVER use my monitor anymore. If anyone wants to buy it I am asking $150. Let me know…kind of salty about it

it was my first time too…seemed like there was more AE going down than Marvel. good games though

Don’t think the session is on for tonight guys :lame:

Jared i have some new stuff for you in marvel ^_^.

Hey guys post your attendance on our tournament thread so it bumps. Thank you in advance!

Also, I am doing absolutely nothing. I am on PS3(nitropoint) with mic or xbl(blndjun). Hit me up if you wanna play.

hey so nothing is going down at all? i really liked that sesh last time on friday.

oh joy nothing in Marvel makes me happier than when jean dies :frowning:

oh yea and spread the word about the tourney, we wanna make this tourney big and successful

In case none of you got a chance to see, here is a small leaked picture from dota2.

I’m kinda excited to see it next week and how it turned out.


I’ll upload a better one tomorrow when I’m home

From left to right: POTM,morphling,tiny,jugg,niax(?) and I believe venomancer (some say sandking but I think it’s veno)

Miky you still on PSN? Gonna log in right now. Hopefully someone’s on if not i’ll prob log off in 15 mins or so.

Thanks for the games Miky. Was trying out some of the things you were telling me to use before like jump fierce vs viper, stand forward vs bison, etc. Was some lag in the beginning but I think it got better towards the end a bit.

Np. Don’t fall into tiger knee auto-pilot. Make sure you place them well.

Yeah, I got sick randomly : (. Definitely going to try again next week

Hey I’m gonna open FA for casuals tonight around 7-730 come on by

i’ll be there tonight, got nothing better to do and need to screw around with a new character in street fighter. about time i get rid of el fuerte