"anything goin' down tonight?" - The Fresno Thread

were on fresno n olive

well i live near alluvial and maple. If that is on your way then ill msg you my address.

On the way to Jeff’s house pretty much.

Let’s play some 3s.

EDIT: Is my cousin going to be there?

I don’t know if he is but sounds like no

wheres all this “focus attacks” tournament info at?

That one?

I just got trolled so hard by my team. I go Jana support, our ashe goes top vs Irelia and our Jarv goes bot with me wtfffff. 200 cs Irelia by 25 mins Ashe with no gear gg.

so there might actually be 18 charactersinstead of 12 for umvc3. the video is in spanish however so for those who don’t speak spanish here is the translation.

if you’re skeptical about it try having someone else translate it for you and see if they get the same thing. pretty interesting. this all came from a facebook group that i was on

whoa whoa, LoL players? add me Tasp72. But about elo hell, everyone gets hit by it. Just takes some time and luck to dig yourself out. Honestly the way I’m getting out is by playing a tank class. I use singed. You need to play a hero that can destroy people. Jarvan is really good, Xin, Mordekaiser and if you get lucky Gangplank, Annie (starting to see her get banned lately). Just pick top tier…avoid bottom tier like sivir and heimdinger. I would suggest not using fiddle since most good players just try to bait out his ult and wearing MR boots to shorten fear time. Plus he has phoenix lvl health lol. Yeah seems like you need to learn last hitting

they guy in the video does mention 16new characters … gd find

Be sure to. Check our our SRK lol thread. We have a good amount of people on Srk who play lol.

Also join the SRK chat room whenever your in game!

I lost yesterday because if this ww who said we had no chance of winning since 20 mins, even though I shit on my lane (my nasus against udyr) and we won two team fights against them easy when they had baron.

The fucker would case for ever, run into a 1v5 every time and ended up losing the game for us, anytime we had a chance to bring it back he would lose it for us.

And he kept trying to surrender every 10 minutes. Probably one of the most frustrating games I’ve played yet

thanks, although are you sure it says 16 and not 18? and i was thinking that the rest will most likely be dlc or something along the lines

I hate T. Hawk. That is all

Woot yesterday game was fun. I manage not to actually drop my combo too much. My LoL ign is Kaizer. Anyone wanna AE today let me know, I’m hungry for battle.



shoutouts to team Fresno for sweeping the Madera tournament yesterday…shit was insane, yo!

How’d you guys do? Was the competition good?

sounds like a plan…btw why does your name sound so familiar? i think it was from battle for central i heard alex valle call out your name and i was like “wait…WHAT DUCK?”

oh yeah me and the merced team was going to go to that but woke up with hangovers. i heard there was only 10ish ppl and it was at someone’s apartment.

btw is the SRK chatroom in LoL under SRK or something like SRK Fresno?