"anything goin' down tonight?" - The Fresno Thread


Wish I could have made it, still stuck at work waiting for this last plane to get in. :confused:
What’s going on with this tournement next weekend (date/time/etc)?
I want to watch some good fights.

Hey folks, I’m a player from down in SoCal that’s gonna be relocating to the Fresno/Clovis area in late September (for various reasons). Really looking for some quality players to play and hang out with, don’t really wanna give up on the fighting game scene just cause I gotta move. Mainly play Marvel 3 and 3S.

As a fellow SoCal guy, Fresno/Clovis is lame.

Enjoy your stay however, unlike me, you may like it here. ;p

Mainly going there cause that’s where the bulk of my family is, and I have a better chance of making it on my own than in LA where any place to live is outrageously expensive.

Team Fresno we in there! Top 9 in AE at the Stockton tourney today

1st Miky
3rd Javier
7th Myself
9th Mike G

Miky took 4th in Marvel.

This wednesday night Im gonna open FA 7-12/1. Dollar tournament going to go down. Haven’t narrowed down the game yet.

Could be AE, Marvel or Rose Ball.

Also next sunday is our tournament at FA check the tournament thread for details. Hope to see everyone out there.

Today was pretty sick. Definitely glad I went. Oh and miky I’m pretty sure I accidentally grabbed your stick by mistake. The one with the sticker, right?

A winner is me. All character trials are done. No glitches except Elena 5 and Yang 5. :frowning:

Now for Expert Parry 5 and Handicap 3/4/5 ~_~

Yes! That is the duck sticker my niece gave me. Give it back! @_@

I’ll bring it to you on Wednesday.


My old DotA buddies site. Check it out!

Is he Malaysian?

Javier, you need to beat the expert parry 5 and the rest of the handicap trials for me. They’re all I need!!!

I’m godlike.

hey, i want to go see you guys play at the tournement, this sunday, but does that mean i have to pay to get in?

nope not at all, just FA is small so it will be crowded depending on the # of players

nice! i hope to make it and see you all there

any of the oldschool cats still around? circa 2002

Yep, Valle, Choi, Ricky… they’re all still around.

Hey guys my friend from norcal is selling one of his sticks if anyone is interested contact me while he is visiting Fresno this weekend.

" Up for sale is a Madcatz Tournament Edition Round 2 fightstick. The stick was originally for Xbox 360 but I’ve modded it with a Cthulhu multiconsole, imp, and RJ 45 connectors. The stick has seen less than 10 hours of playtime. The stick will come with cables that will make it work for PC, Xbox 360, PS3, PS2, and Gamecube/Wii. Email me if you’re interested.

http://i.imgur.com/0hlLah.jpg "

his asking price is 175

FA will be open tonight, ill probably be there at 730-8. Not sure if I am going to have 3S there unless there is demand for it. Last chance to get some practice games in before the tournament on sunday. IF there is enough people, dollar tournament tonight…

Is there a fee for FA if it’s my first time?