"anything goin' down tonight?" - The Fresno Thread

Fucken Miky!!!
My Magneto can never match your’s.
Maybe one day I will be the one doing 4 resets.

Don’t worry man. It was a fluke.

Stupid Haggar… I hate that guy…

does this mean you’re playing mvc2 again? because that’s the only vs game i can think of with low tier spidey.

mvc3 of course

sweett what time’s the tournament sunday??
and is there somewhere to sign up for it

I’ll be on 3S for a while.

Don’t feel like playing Super or Marvel with the new versions creeping around the corner.

All the info is there

so if you’ve got a 360 stick your pretty much screwed?

yea kind of. But if you ask im sure somebody will lend you a stick for your match


yo can you send me the template for TE Stick art? and what was the website you used again?? I wanna start putting something together, time to change my art.


Poot, didn’t you start that old ass 3S color sprite thread?

Ew… double posting like a bad.

Someone needs to do the expert parry 5 trial for me :(.

Got everything done except that.

Lol, I Tried it for a little bit the other day, kept forgetting to cancel the strong Srk to super ;__;

Hope you guys are ready, see everyone tomorrow

alien started that, but i was one of the first few contributors. i really wanted a color edit feature for 3sOE but oh well :frowning:

i started the HD sprite thread a long time ago when HDR was announced. it’s in my sig

Had a lot of fun today, it was good to see everyone before going. I’ll talk to you all in 5 months!

Oh and p.s. my Yang is so GODLIKE

God I hate Yang :frowning:

Thanks for running the Tournament Jared/Jeff/etc. Had lots of fun and still want to practice more even though mag is gonna get nerf in UMVC3

Jared: :slight_smile:

XsK_Samurai(Ryu, T. Hawk, Yun)

Ah, that’s right.

I remember posting some Oro edits there also. Might find my posts within the first 3-5 pages, provided my photobucket links aren’t down.