Anything going on around redmond?


i’m gonna be in town on a business trip at microsoft from monday 11/01 to friday afternoon. anybody around there play games? i’m not sure exactly what nights i’ll be free, though


Of course there are. Several SF-heavy houses in the area, and there’s Jason Cole’s “dojo” in Samamish if you’re willing to travel a little south one night, where games are open pretty much all the time. Check out some of the non-sticked threads here with dates, they’re pretty much all regular house gatherings.


From your location you have a few options as to where you can play SSFIV or whatever.

The question is what days/nights you have free (which you noted) and if you have transportation while visiting us.

Just the same, I’m sure one of us will be able to pick you up to play some games as there are a good amount of people that play 24/7.

Take care man.


Or we can go drinking/karaoke instead just sayin. Or even better all u can eat korean food at palace and hit look for drunk white girls :slight_smile:

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Yeah, Cole’s AfroDojo isn’t far at all from Redmond (15-20 minutes) and is generally open.


Kind of surprised there isn’t more interest in Buktooth coming to town lol. You should get a hold of Jason Cole and I’m sure he’ll have a place for you to get down and play some.


KK best idea HANDS DOWN


Aw snap, you still playin’ fuerte man?


On tuesday in Bellevue a Mike is haing a session at his place at 8pm. I think this is last minute prep for socal regionals. You should hit that up.


yo where ever buktooth goes i wanna go haha so can learn


Buk, I’m hurt u have not called me. To. Iv been hitting u up. Call dude, I got you man.
805-907-1392. I’ve been callin, just hit me back


Can you explain it more clearly? I’m afraid I do not understand what you said.


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