Anything is possible

Hey guys I just wanted to post this here and tell everyone that everything is going to be ok. Believe in yourself and you can achieve anything; its never to late to realize your dreams. As you long as you are focused on your goals and work hard you will be rewarded. It wasnt till I was 24 that I knew what I wanted to do with my life and yesterday I turned 38 and I can finally say that my dreams have come true.

Keep your eye on the prize and keep your head up. Hang in there kid.

ok, i’ll try. :slight_smile:

i give up. :frowning:

LOL i literally laughed out loud at that

well played sir

but in all seriousness yes, having a positive attitude is so important. life has gotten 10 x better after i stopped being emo

:rofl: PurpleBunny

If I may ask, Crimsonflame what was your dream???

makes sense

i will win megamillions tonight and use the money to build a spaceship in my barn like the astronaut farmer

Just being happy about being yourself and grateful of thing like a loving family and friends. Once you start thinking positive and appreicate the beauty of life a lot good things will happen. Stop being racist and let all that hate out of your soul its bad for you.

Did you leave the KKK or something???

But yeh I agree, sound advice.

How dare you pollute the SRK forums with hope and optimism! You disgust me.

No I am white, but I said the racism part because SRK is notorious for being racist. Also I just turned 26 not 38.

LMAO, how do you mistake 24 and 38?

BUT… GGs on your optimism! :tup:

SRK is notorious for being a very mixed community that is not racist. This place will be known more for being assholes and making fighting games unfun for the other 99% of the population way before it is known for being racist

SRK notorious for being racist?? I haven’t seen much racism in GD but I can’t speak for the rest of the site

He must be confusing us with Xbox Live.

is it?

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I think I just grew a vagina after reading this thread.

Better words of encouragement would be “stop being soft and quit acting like a bitch”.

If you wanted street cred or respect you should have stabbed him to death. Jin is whispering in your ear, ‘So who’s the pussy now?’

those words encourage the creation of monsters. you know, the people who get bullied at school so when they go back one day they come with a gun and assassinate their bullies and other random people

trust me, you don’t want some people going as hard as they can

yo dawg, i’m going on a second date with an asian girl tonight. dreams do come true.

Remember to stay based.