Anything juggle after light srk anti air?



I feel akuma’s various lp, mp, hp have lower damage (since theyre multi-hits) than ryu’s yet the latter can juggle afterwards with fireballs. Akuma will anti air with lp.srk, and be able to walk afterwards, but no matter what motions i put in no special moves will come out. (cept maybe tatsu to get me over there)

Ken’s got lp.srk, hp.srk.

I’m just wondering because I’m away from home and won’t be at my TV for the next few days. if there is a juggle, i shud beat myself for never capitalizing…



if you trade and stay on the ground use hp shaka to juggle, if you anti air SRK use it as an opportunity to set up 1 of akuma’s many wake up mix up games. I prefer the air Fb-> demon flip palm or cross up air tatsu->sweep/HP SRK


i think u can ex tatsu in the corner, but im not sure. u can definitely FADC forward and do a hp shaku


Talking about the cross-up air Hurricane Kick. What is the correct distance to start it at? I’m never quite sure and tend to whiff it more often than I should. Not that I get punished that often for it, people do still mistake it for a cross-up and instinctively hold back. But that’s not the point. I’d like to be able to cross-up whenever I feel like it.


If you count a little less than one square on the ground from the training stage and space that out correctly against ryu and you jump in, you should start doing the HK hurrican kick as soon as you start coming down, and get ready to do c. HK or whatever you want.


A little less than one square… I’ll check it out right now.

Edit: Works like a charm. Cheers.


His SRK doesn’t juggle very well since the recovery time on it is the largest out of the Shoto class.

Akuma: 18+17 = 35
Ryu: 14+10 = 24
Ken: 17+9 = 26

Akuma has 9 additional frames of recovery with equates to a 150ms difference. That is why you generally need a FADC to do anything after a SRK. I have found on a trade you can juggle if you recognize it fast enough.

I think this was done intentionally as a balancing mechanism. If you could HP. Shaku for free after every LP.SRK the damage would be insane. That is 130+150 or 280 damage alone and you don’t have to burn a single bar to use it. And in the event you want to burn a bar you could always use the EX version to do an extra 30.


Hah no problem :slight_smile: