Anything like the Dazzle USB video with component cables?


The item on today is the dazzle premium video creator. Its a cool product but only takes composite cables so it won’t do widescreen. I have one of these already but I am looking for something that can take component cables so I can record in widescreen, is there something like that on the market?

And if not is there a reasonably priced method to do it, I don’t really want to be spending large amounts of money just on this. If it matters my knowledge on this subject is limited but aslong as its not to complicated I should be able to figure it out. Thanks


widescreen isn’t a video standard. so i’m guessing you mean HD video. 720p and etc.

Pinnicle devices only capture interlaced video, so if you’re looking to capture anything higher, even 480p, it doesnt work. HD ccapture cards jump to the ~$400 range.

that deal on is pretty good though. the Studio software on it is only so-so, but it records pretty clearly for gaming


The Blackmagic Intensity Pro is a great HDMI and component video capture solution (HD or SD) for desktops for around $350. Your machine should be pretty robust on the specs to handle everything if you plan on any real editing, but for what this card offers, there’s nothing else like it at the price.

Something that you also might find rather useful if you do use component, S-Video, or composite video for gaming and capture is a good distribution amp. It allows you to avoid any lag you would have gained by processing the video through the computer first. It’s also great if you want to go wild with multiple monitors for spectators for a form of closed-circuit TV. You can find the Calrad 40-934M on Ebay once in awhile for under $100…or go to one of the Circuit City stores that’s closing and see if you can make a deal with the managers for some of the ones they won’t be needing anymore.


The Intensity card has an issue with capturing 480p so be mindful of that…


Alas, this is true, but fortunately any video editing software worth using has the option to deinterlace the video. The bigger thing is that it does give you the exact option you were looking for of being able to capture 16:9 video in either SD or HD; the SD is an anamorphic 720x480 that will be correct in 16:9 (see page 30 in the manual to get an idea). The fact that the Intensity Pro can capture through any standard video out, including much higher quality ones like component, is the icing on the cake. It may be more than you’re looking to spend, but the Intensity is tough to beat. If only would have it one day…


If woot had it for a day it would be refurbed and there for a risky buy, that site rarely has new good products. My friend showed me that blackmagic thing to, its alittle more then im looking to spend, but it does look nice…might have to break down and wait another paycheck to buy one. The HD aspect alone is worth it to me.

I guess let me be more specific on what im doing, I want to record my 360 and ps3 for the most part. With SFIV and the new SFHD suposedly comeing out seems like a good time to get something. I would be useing HDMI since that has it and my computer is brand new and pretty damn robust so theres no issues there. Does it by chance come with some sort of software and if not what would you recomend? I don’t really want to get to into editing, just stringing some things together to make a dvd. Some text on the vid, maybe a few menus, nothing to robust.

You both seem to know quite abit on the subject, and thanks for the help.


yes i have a blackmagic intensity for myself, i use it for my local arcade for our sf4 tournaments. Though you need a Raid 0 to keep up with the huge amounts of video data coming in…

but as far as capturing video for SFHD, it might not be worth the money to capture at HD. Might as well record it with s-video since you say its going to DVD; its not in HD anyway. and s-video compared to component its pretty negligible, especially if you are going to do post-processing on it.


lol damn I didn’t even think of that, I feel stupid now. HD on dvd…wow, thats what I get for posting so late. I might still get it just because I can use the HD on my computer which is where I will be viewing most of the stuff anyways. And I like stuff to look pretty. The dvds were more for my friends I would be playing with and the such. I got a buddy who wants to record some Gears matches and oddly enough him playing his Little Big Planet levels and makes some dvds of that :rofl: He loves that game in a weird way.

Even if I can’t burn in hd wouldn’t it still look better to record the vid in the Higher def then burn it to a normal dvd? Im assuming it would have to be converted and would lose quite abit of quality but would it still look noticably better then if I just used the sd cables? Sorry to keep bothering you guys but your very helpful, thanks


no it’ll look the same. using s-video should be enough actually for SD recording, make sure you use MPEG2 recording.

anything higher than 480i, you need that HD capture card, $350. anything below it, you can find at bargain bin prices.


Instead of making another tread I guess ill ask here. I have a Dazzle and was wondering how can play my games and record at the same time.


see, if that can help you, i got the “Better option for recording games” Setup and it works very good.


The difference maker everyone’s mentioned is the A/V distribution amp. Try entering variations like “video amp,” “distribution amp,” and so on with Ebay and you’ll find something you’d like. Calrad and Audio Authority both make good ones that are frequently posted there. Good luck to you!


Thanks for the vid it answered everything.


For component 480p there’s this card:

this card is ridiculous:


Anyone know where to buy the first one???