Anything new in the Strider world?

lol my Strider/Tron is coming along pretty nice

how about you guys?

:frowning: everyone dead?

is it possible to have a trap with Strider/Tron?
I don’t play Strider to trap, I play Strider to hit the opponent.

I was playing Issac Graham and he kept telling me to change teams :frowning: or at least change Tron with Doom

Guys what do you think about it?

I mean eventually, Strider does hit either by air throw into rocks/beams or crossing them up right?

I also have lots of trouble with Cyclops, I hate him :frowning:

Maybe nothing new, but yeah, try Doom for a while. He has good advantages such as chipping(just incase you don’t land hits) and alot of other stuff. Experiment him for a while and see how it changes your play. If it changes it for the good, keep him, if not, keep on experimenting and good luck my friend.


I mean I’ve played with him… just the thing is I don’t know I believe Tron’s beams come out faster and defend him better than Doom does

Though Doom does balance Strider out on Defense and Offense, once Tron hits it’s about the same thing

the only difference is the chip that’s it and Strider isn’t all about chip

Use Doom, just do it. You can dick around with other shit but in the end, …

Just use Doom

I don’t know Clock said I could do a lot with Strider/Tron :frowning:

Strider with out Doom = no trap = shitty team.

Yeah, you can do alot with Strider/Tron, but boy. Will you lose.

And how.

#1 rule in war:
If it’s shitty but works, it’s not shitty. Make your own decisions from there.