Anything new?

Anybody working on anything new with Sonson lately? It’s been a little dead in here.

I’ve been trying some stuff with the floor crawl, but with inconsistant results. If you can time it and place it right, the wall kick xx floor crawl can take some by surprise as long as they arent’t ready to throw you.

Anyone have any good video of sonson on point? Seems like no one ever plays her in the videos, or if they do she’s just an assist.

AHM is what I call it… Air Hyper Monkeys!!

I’m not any good, not at MvC2 at least, but I play it for fun.
I’m wondering what serious sonson players think of this:
Monkeys projectile is slooow moving but also slooow recovery… the solution is simple, the name says it, AHM! tigerknee them monkeys!!! You Superjump and instantly let the monkeys fly, recovery is WAY better than the grounded one, just like with AHVB.

What you can do next is Airdash forward right after (before you land), and come down with j.hp and combo off it or whatever. If blocked it’s still a nice way to start rushdown.

This is probably susceptible to AA assists. The monkeys will create a decent cover for you to airdash in after. To make this work in a real life situation you’ll probably have to cover the startup part (and end part probably as well) with some sort of “stay-away” assist.

ps. did you know the monkeys are actually little hairs she pulls off her head that TURN into monkeys… really!!! it’s just like the monkey king legend.

Actually I thought i read that the wrist hairs when she blows on them are what created the monkeys?

Either way I kinda gave up on the floor crawl. I can’t seem to do it consistant enough with a ps2 controller off of the wall climb anyways.

I have been working alot with the wall climb and monkeys though. Only problem is that I only have the computer and a few friends for competition.

i have one vid uploaded… i used Son Son/IM/Sentinel…

just check out the Anakaris Forum Thread…

Didnt find that one. WHere is it?

here is the thread:

Yeah but I’m not seeing a team with sonson, IM and sent vid on that list though.

yeah, me either.

i just checked the site… duh… the vid was removed by the webmaster… sorry…

I have one vid with Anakaris/Storm/Son Son vs Cable/Sentinel/Cyclops, the highlight is that I was able to take out Sentinel just using Anakaris. But on this match, Son Son works only as an assist…

you use sonson as AAA, right? it’s a pretty good assist, i think.

i tried using the floor crawl, but it kept on getting stuffed by A LOT of things. stick to the wall climb, if anything. the wall climb is a pretty good thing she has under her sleeve. it can be used as an attack, or just fall and dash back/forward, use your assist, spit monkeys, do whatever.

sadly enough, she’s my last resort character on my teams simply because i mainly use her assist all the time so she’s the last person on my team. so, i’m not really effective with her. when i DO use her on point and if i’m in the lead, i usually try to humiliate the other person by using POW! and stuff.

stick to basic comboes that lead into the big staff super (hate the long freaken name).

In the last few days I stated playing psy on point a little more to learn some more about her game too.

I’ve ended up playing alot of psy/sonson/storm lately. The butterflys/staff/hail dhc works out pretty cool actually, and all you gotta do is land that first hit with psy. I know 3 bars should probably kill a guy though.

After using the wall climb alot more I am really starting to like it. It can especially mess with people who sit up in super jump territory all the time because it brings the screen back down to the ground and they’re stuck in the air til they land without being able to watch what they’re doing or aim attacks.

I’m still trying to figure out a good combo to land Pow! with. Any good ones? What about snapbacks?

if you want to land POW!, you’ll need to use your assists. psylocke’s AAA will give you plenty of time to land it. just don’t do it too soon (i’ve done that one too many times…

i’m sure storm’s proj assist is even easier to land it, seeing as how they’re stunned for a few seconds and they’re not in the air as opposed to psy’s. keep in mind the POW! word does start out small then gets bigger, so psy’s AAA can bring them up too high to hit if you do the POW! too early.

there’s no other way i know how to land it.

oh, and worry about AAA if you’re using the wall climb often. that’s why i suggested mixing up the kick w/ fp to fall and do other stuff. if you’re with storm, might want to call her, wall climb, land on the other side, and attack to have a ghetto mix up thing going on.

Cool. I’ll try that.

Fasr as the wall climb is concerned… I use it alot with storm proj. or doom’s rocks, but I’ll jump back and call assist, then unleash lp monkeys right at head height. Then wall kick, fp staff stab x DP move. If they block it, I’m usually covered by either the assist or the monkeys because I get out ahead of it. Sometimes you can even land the fk throw after hitting the ground if they aren’t ready for it. Keep in mind I don’t play tourney level either, but if it looks like landing will really get my arse killed I’ll staff super and dhc hail storm.

What I really have liked lately, once you get them in the corner, call doom to pin them there, and use that time to activate hyper monkey in the corner to really chip hard, the dhc to hail as a safe way to recover. I usually only use sonson for the beginning a bit and then move her to assist, but I could really use some snapback combos if you have any.

i’ll get back to you on the snapback comboes, though i don’t know a lot…

and there was this one guy awhile back who had this tactic to stop rushdown with sonson and a ground assist. i believe it was tronjon, but not exactly sure. mind reposting it, or tell us if it’s still here?

Pow! combos off of cHP, monkeys (make sure they’re out), quick cancel into Pow!. No assists needed.

Sweet I’ll have to work on that one. Any really sweet dhc’s off of pow?

why would you want to DHC from POW! ? i’ve never actually tried it, but i’m sure practically anything would connect off it since they’re trapped in the fruit. but isn’t the most damage from the hyper combo occurs from the last hit? you’d be wasting a meter.

I guess it’d more be for a free connect of whatever you want. Like connecting an 8 hit jugg headcrush?

wow some people other than me also likes this character :smiley:
as for her POW super, i tend to use it in a combo. LP, LP, c.HP, qcf FP, right when the 2nd monkey hit do the POW super.

Bet your a$$ I do :slight_smile: