Anything on my custom sf4 stick you think i should change?


Maybe add some wiring sleeves to make it look clean.

thats a great idea.

Do YOU like it? Then don’t change a thing, the stick is for you and not to please anyone else. I personally like what you have done, Happ has become way to unappreciated and you got all those big ass parts to fit in that box. Good job :tup:

id change the camera you took the pics with

I wouldnt change a thing, maybe neaten the wires alil

its yours, be happy with it… who cares what others think


did you really need to make 2 threads about your stick?

I’d add a third thread.

I would move the back stat & home buttons to the front of the case. Then you wont hit them accidentally when mashing. Also in the 5th pic from the bottom it looks like there is some glue reside on the side I would clean that up better next time. It is easiest to wipe it off with a damp cloth before it dries or else you will have to sand.