Anything wrong with modding an SE stick?

Anything? I didn’t peronally like the TE feel, but the Se felt lighter and more comfy for my lap. I’ve just about got enough set aside to buy a SE stick and sanwa joystick. Can I get by on the buttons for a bit and just replace the generic stick with the sanwa? If I put sanwa parts in a SE stick, its like a mini TE right? TE just uses sanwa parts. I also found it cheaper.

the madcatz buttons dont last very long. so people just switch them out right away. just do the simple swap over on the stick and buttons and you will be good to go!

Ok thanks. I figured it was just a body, and it would be the same as long as sanwa parts are in it.

By mini Te u mean with just the parts than yes. But the te also feels very solid with the weights and the size allows it to be dual modded, without it looking cramped

Not worried about a dual mod really. If it ever came down to it, I’d build my own case for it. That making it all the more unique.