Anything you guys wanted to know before the official release date?

I am getting my copy tomorrow (Woulda had it right now but I got to the store too late-_-). I know most people are getting it on Tuesday or after so I thought I’d offer to try out some Vega things for people who wanted to know. I’ll prolly report back on like Saturday after I got through the trials and played around a bit. So anything just ask. Don’t ask for frame data, but if you wanted to know if something combos or whatever, I’ll try it out. If you don’t care, then don’t post, this is for people who may want to know somethings before they get their copies.

And if you wanted to know I got mine at Video Games New York. It’s on 6th street like 3 blocks away from the 6 train’s Astor Place stop. If you go today and make a reservation you should be able to pick up a copy tomorrow, otherwise it’s first come first serve. They close at like 11pm so theres still time haha.

Check his alternate out if you can. Is his jump any different? Is SHC slower?


his jump and shc seem pretty unchanged. the slide glitch is still in. what do you mean by alternates? I took a pic of 11 and 12 colors which r kinda whack. I can upload them later tonight. cosmic heel to ultra 2 only works as anti air. I haven’t tried to combo into ultra one yet. I just got a stick so I’m trying to adjust and try new things. and u still have to install the game to speed up load times

edit: and u don’t have to do the trials sequentially. u can jump aroud if u want

sorry this double posted by accident

Can you post a list of the hard trial combos?

Oh sorry, should have been more clear. I meant his alternate attire,(weird request I know) the alleged Batman one. x.x If you can that is.


Does link into cr.lp?
Does cr.lp link into

d I can’t log in through my computer. the trial combos were already posted on eventhubs along with his alt costume. the trials r pretty much the same minus like one or two ultra setups. and those combos don’t work Sasaki. only cr lp into a close st lk, not the far useful ones -_-

Could you post the link regarding his alt. costume? I don’t see squat >_<

Wait, so doesn’t that mean his cr jabs aren’t 2 fr links? Or is there some other way they adjusted them besides shaving a frame off recovery/adding one to hit stun? If they are now 2 fr links I guess that means the cr lp is 3 frames now?

Have you been able to get a feel for cr lp > cr lk, is that still a 1 framer?

ive been testing shc against people and ive yet to be punish after a hit. ive been punished only a few times on block but never on hit so far. also both of his ultras can be comboed if your quick enough with a jump in HK or FP.

Can I just get anything listing all the new changes to Vega here in SSFIV. It’s driving me mad I cant find anything… for anyone.

if cr.lp is three frames, then, cr.lp would work, unless they adjusted that as well.

  1. If you want to test to see if SCH is not punishable on hit, then hit chun li and have her do her reversal SUPER which is 2 frames. I bet it still is punishable on hit though.

  2. If someone wants to see if cr lp is three frames, then yes someone should try cr lk -> cr lp. If this doesn’t link then I am truly confused as to why it would be any easier since someone said that cr lp -> st lk isn’t possible.

great in4 on the combo in2 1st ultra KNUCKLEz !!!..

make this number 3: For the FBA claw attack, If the mp version makes you go straight down, and the fp version makes you hang a little, then what about the lp version? Do they all do different damages as well? Or is it the wall dive that makes the difference in damage?

llI’ll do some more checking after work today. I was unable to Link cr lk to cr lp. I can do all the others but this never connected for me. cr lp to cr lk works fine, still a little strict. I really am going to try comboing to ultra one some more usin that first hit

nothing too big, but EX ST seems to be a lot better. They Might have given it Invincibility frames. I have been goign through fireballs and beating a lot of attacks. The reg ST kinda sucks as Anti Air but it trades more than it did before when it would just completely lose (Gotta try an ultra after a trade). And for those on PSN, Tatsu is not only the top Vega, but the top player (point wise) in SSF4! Then again the game isn’t technically released yet, but he’s up there.

so jealous of you guys with the game already…

Hey shack, this isn’t vega related, but can you test if active frames have been shaved from shoto j.roundhouse? I’ve been hearing so.

Also, people are saying that U2 is a good anti air, but I haven’t seen very many videos so I don’t know about the spacing that it works at.

If you get knocked down, and your opponent gets fairly close to you and then jumps in on you (so they are almost going to cross you up but they don’t quite) and uses a jumping attack (but it wasn’t a perfectly timed safe jump), in vanilla ST would not have enough startup time and it would get stuffed so your only option was to block or focus back dash. For that situation in super, will U2 catch them, or will it get stuffed since they’ll hit you pretty high up in your hitbox?