Anything you'd like to ask The Beast, Daigo Umehara? [Daigo in Singapore]


Hey guys,

As most of you have heard, Daigo is coming down to Singapore this weekend for the Road to EVO 2012 SEA Major.

I happen to be from Singapore. And I’m not sure if someone else has already created a thread on this, but I was just wondering: if I manage to pull Daigo aside and ask him some quick questions with the help of Zhi from Cross Counter Asia, if there were any burning questions the community might have for him.


Let him make a tier list )) Or a matchup chart for Ryu!


Who has the best chicken rice in Singapore?


Is SFxT the worst fighting game Capcom has ever made?


well 3 posts was all that took.


Who does he see is his greatest rival?
Who does he think has the best chance at this year’s Evo?
Which character does he think is the best in the game in this iteration?
Does he think the gap between Japanese players and the rest of the world is closing?

That’s all for now :slight_smile:


Ok I have a few serious questions.

  1. Why has he not appeared in any US tourneys or many overseas tournaments in general since EVO 2011?

  2. Does he plan on being more active in the international tournament scene beginning with SE Asia Major?

  3. How does he feel about the direction the Japanese scene is headed in(PPV streams) and is that what he thinks is the future?


What does he think of the Cammy community on :coffee:


What does he miss most about the older Capcom fighting games?


his feelings about playing 3s @ SBO this year?


Does he think that U.S. “pros” like to play Marvel because it allows them to avoid competing against him (and the rest of Japan) for prize money? :coffee:


Is he gonna play marvel?


Will he be counterpicking any matchups for Ryu in Evo…?


Is he really a male nurse?

What did he have for lunch today?


Hey guys, just wanna say that I’ve looked through all the questions, picked the best ones, and am currently sorting through the whole thing.

I won’t ask anything that I think might be rude to Daigo, or anything that might get an obvious answer though.

But otherwise I’ll try and get as many answered as possible.



Id ask him whats its like being friends with the greatest fg player ever, Nuki.


Will you have my babies?