Anyway to combo into tatsu on a crouching opponent?



Is there anyway to combo into Akuma’s tatsu combos on a crouching opponent? I normally do c.lp l.tatsu ~ and this only hits standing blocking opponents :looney:


demon flip dive kick on hit stands your opponent up. i’m not sure this is what you’re after though.


Use EX Tatsu when hitting crouching opponents.


if you’ve hit confirmed with, c.lp you need to then link c.hp. C.hp will stand the opponent up.
I personally:, c.lp, xx…
…DemonFlip (if I have plenty of life or believe it’s worth the gamble)
…TAT.ex (guaranteed damage. A big chunk too-can juggle a DP after in corner)
…FB (too far away that TAT.ex might whiff) will net you more damage than a repeated More frames to cancel off too. More stun


You can also try to cancel a normal into a fireball, then FADC into a combo. For example:, cr.lp, xx fireball, FADC, st.HK, cr.lp xx lk tatsu, HP SRK.

Damage scaling hurts these combos, so it makes more sense to use cr.HP to force the stand up or use EX tatsu.


you can’t link akuma’s cr. hp like ryu. if you were talking about the cl. hp it doesn’t stand people even though it links.

to TC you can either use EX tatsu or shoryuken. if you went for a c. mp link you can hado->FADC->st. hk bnb depending on distance.


close standing lp links into cr. hp. … so cr. lk > cl. lp > cr. hp xx tatsu would work if they didn’t block it.


Right you are.
Well- tat.ex seems like the most efficient choice. Fb or df dependent on circumstance


It is my ultimate aim to be able to do cr.LP, cr.LP, cr.MP xx Fireball, FADC, far.HK, cr.MP xx LK Tatsu, HP SRK 100% of the time as not only is the damage and stun superior to jab jab tatsu lp srk FADC shaku, it also doesn’t need them to be standing for it to combo.



they can block it standing, though. how are you gonna get into the situation to use it?


c.HP, s.HK (far), and Flip dive all have the property of standing up your target. Also the before mentioned Ex.Tatsu can hit.


cmon dude…hes talking about being able to do the combo.


i’m just saying… I think it should start with a cr. lk.


Not like Ryu, but you can link s.LP, c.HP together.


I use cHP lk tatsu on punish it stands them up and decreases your possibility of fail.


yeah i know, but it doesn’t force stand-up so you can’t lk tatsu.


cr.LP is a frame faster than cr.LK

And I would like to think that I might be able to land one pair of crouching jabs in a match. I’m not playing the AI on Super Genius level.


The reason he likes as the starter is because pushes the the enemy further so when FADC into st.HK, the spacing is right, if you use cr.lp the st.HK wont connect. Plus the enemy must block low. It works best if you have your opponent in a high/low guessing game. However since the thread is about crouched opponets, it doesnt really matter.


No, I definitely agree. I’ll often pick up combos from option selecting the cr.LK as well.

But when it comes to general pressure I usually go for the quicker cr.LP, cr.LP. On block you can either just throw out the cr.MP xx LP Fireball which I think is safe from close up, or try the cr.MP xx Demon Flip malarky. Or just cr.MP xx Teleport and start again.

God I do love Akuma. So many possibilities.


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