Anyway to disable avatars?

I can’t find an option to disable avatars and am wondering if there is anyway to do it, and if not, can you all install or get some kind of plugin that will allow this feature that was on the old forums?

Do you wish to disable avatars from threads? posts?

from the entire forum. in the old SRK (and VB in general) there is a simple option that will display avatars or not.

this forum looks retarded when you go into threads with these huge avatars with huge signatures and embedded images. brings back geocities and anglefire vibes.

Avatar isn’t an issue on my end. However, I understand that some people doesn’t like avatar/images as a signature as they post.

I just checked the options and there is no way to disable it. Hopefully, they’ll implement a modification to allow users to disable those.

I second this. Sometimes the forums and discussions are easier to read without the same old ‘shoutouts to Team blah blah stayfray blah blah’ signatures (which you can disable) and generic flashy avatars. The question mark placeholders are annoying and encourage more flashy avatars that take up server space.

I believe images in sigs have already been taken care of, or if not, will soon be.

The avatars do not look good when browsing threads. Also, does anyone else find the forums harder to read now?

harder to read? No, there are more posts to a page but thats about it.