Anyway to get Capcom Japan to have ST for the 25th anniversary tournament?


Hey, i was just curious if Capcom of japan can do hdr classic for the 25th anniversary qualifer tournament? I know it was never released over there but i think theres enough people who play over there that would probably be willing to lend their 360s/PS3 to help. I just think it would be awesome for them to participate in this event.


It was scheduled, and we know Aniken was preparing for it. Now only Capcom would be able to give details.


Aniken was preparing for hdr wasn’t he, but then they cancelled japan and changed to classic mode


oh i see, so they are having it after all? Thats sweet.


As far as I know, they removed the Japanese HDR qualifier and changed all others - including finals - to classic mode.


Does anybody know what the rules are concerning the sprites (old or new ones) that will be used ? Do they really make a difference in terms of how distances are perceived ?


sprites should be up to the players to decide. Thats how things have been running in the US tournies. They shouldn’t make a difference for judging distance though.


When did they announce this? From what I’ve read the only games Japan has for the tournament are the ones that were released there and those are ae2012, sfxt, and 3SO. HDR was never released in Japan so no tournament for that game. I hope I’m wrong as it would be a shame not to have a Japan representative in the game.


You are right…unfortunately:

“Because Super Street Fighter II Turbo HD Remix does not have a release in Japan, the game will not be featured.”


It wouldn’t be a problem if they only have offline qualifiers like the international ones.

But for japan, they only have one offline event which is the grand finals.

Players have to qualify by playing online matches.

Although a lot of the japanese st players have already purchased it using a roundabout way, majority of them still don’t have it or simply only play it in the arcade.

It’s unfortunate that there will be no sf2 action in the japan 25th anniversary event.