Anyway to make fightstick work on tablet

i want to use my fightstick on my galaxy tab 10.1. any drivers or apps that will make this work? using cps2hd emulator

if its 360 it should plug right in if you pick up a usb host cable since honeycombe has drivers built in (i think).

I think one of these should do it for you but do your research first. Also XDA would be a better place to look for help.

galaxy runs android right? i’m running dual boot CM7 on my HP touchpad and i can use dualshock3/sixaxis controller just fine on emulator. so if you have custom stick with ds3/sixaxis pcb you should be good.

as for usb wired i am not sure. like the above poster, you should check XDA forums.

I already have a old logitech pc controller that works but my 360 TE will not work. Kinda sucks playing with logitech controller. Wish I knew about that usb adapter before I purchased the Samsung one