Anyway to mod Seimitsu Buttons to a Sanwa feel?


Lately I been using Sanwa buttons on this new TE stick I purchased, and when I press down on them it’s like some kind of angel goddess blessed my joystick buttons to just press themselves.

Now I already had transparent Seimitsu buttons and was wanting to know if it was possible to mod these anyway to make them feel like Sanwa where you don’t really have to push with any force at all.


Only with Seimitsu PS-14-K can you put in the standard Sanwa SW-68 Microswitch.


What jdm said, but also this (quoting jdm!) –

I’m planning to do this in my next stick actually; Sanwa RS-SG switches in PS-14-GN(???)s. We’ll see how they feel.


To quote a Quote.


I don’t understand why you would mod seimitsu to feel like sanwa if what you want is the feel of sanwa so why not just get sanwa? Am i confused here or something?


Art under buttons
Soft to touch

Pick one.


He probably wants the clear buttons without the manly feel of the seimitsu buttons.



He prefers the feel of Sanwa but wants the transparency of Seimitsu I guess.

Edit: Upas beat me to it, but I support Seimitsu :3


Real men/women break sanwa and have go to seimitsu little sanwa can’t handle us /flex, Ah i guess thats cool for looks


Yeah, I want art under my buttons, but I’m just too used to Sanwa feather-sensitivity to fool around with manly Seimitsus. If only Sanwa still made OBSCs…


dude just swap the top part, on the bottom part of the button are 2 tabs keeping the top from flying off. Just squeeze both sides and pull it out then swap


I hate Sanwa garbage. You hover the buttons and get unintentional EX moves all day.


I’ll post up a pic of a stick that I’m finishing tomorrow. RG switch inside a PS-14-KN rim. It’s doable, just a little bit more expensive.

Edit: I just realised I already have a pic of the case and buttons:

The artwork will go on tomorrow and the rims light up orange (the 6 buttons on the top panel). The 3 orange buttons on the front light up with a green circle (originally white PS-14-DN painted orange). A lot more sensitive than Seimitsu buttons. The case still needs a cleaner paintjob though.


OSBF/N’s and PS-14K’s have different sized microswitches. Their plungers won’t fit with the other. Best bet is to use the RG switches, but I don’t know if they are stiffer than the SW-68.


Actually, the OBSF-30 and OBSN-30 have same Microswitch size as PS-14-K.
It is the PS-14-KN which do not have same size Microswitch.

And Sanwa SW-68 can be switch to Seimitsu PS-14-P and PS-15 also.



I made this video tutorial for a member here on srk long time ago, peep this:
Video - Click Here


Goddammit. I totally meant PS-14KN.


was looking for something like this but i actually wanted to switch the seimitsu button rims to the blue but keep the clear cap (like you can do with sanwa nowadays). do i have to buy another set of seimitsus just to swap?


Yes, you have to buy another set of buttons if you want to do the plunger/rim swap with seimitsu.


dangit :(, was hoping i wouldn’t have to resort to that