Anyway to pratice at Street Fighter Alpha 3?


I have recently gotten an emulator and I’ve been playing Street Fighter Alpha 3 with a 360 controller on it. For some reason, the A.I is so damn difficult to deal with. I’m relatively new to Street Fighter in general but I feel like I can’t even play worth crap. The A.I won’t give me room to breathe and puts a beat down on me fairly quickly. I was wondering what’s the best ways to practice? I can’t practice on the game because it only has Arcade and no training mode. My main is Ryu (he’s the easiest to use imo) but even with him I get my ass handed to me. Any tips on how I can play better on Alpha 3?


Safest ways against computers is to learn which attacks are unsafe to attack after and just block/defend there. Work out which attacks of theirs are unsafe, and start being aggressive there. Trying to attack at the same time as the computer can be unwise since it has far better reactions then you.


Thanks, I’ll try that out.


Hit F2 when the game loads, enter Configuration. Go to Game. Lower the difficulty. Exit by hitting Start and Shot 1 (Which should be Light Punch/Jab).


The best way to practice A3 execution is to get the PS2 alpha anthology and set the dip switches to arcade perfection.

You can also use mame cheats to set up infinite life, but you still need a macro or something running so the dummy will try to flip out constantly. This is assuming you’re practicing Vism.

Practicing combos against the computer has somewhat limited usages generally, but especially in A3. As soon as you screw up your VC, you’re back to whiffing throws for meter. It’s better if you can set things up for infinite bar.


Oh, and use GGPO/Supercade. Play with other players. Set it up right and find some matches here on the SRK. Hell i’d play you right now on GGPO if I didn’t have to go to sleep.


I would avoid playing against the Alpha 3 AI. You’ll learn anti-AI strategies that aren’t very helpful.

For instance, if you do a ducking attack, many times the computer will jump on reaction. AI Karin does her overhead. That’s a free VC.

The AI does both impossible things and stupid things. If you sweep, sometimes it will do a raging demon and pass right through it. Yet it can’t do the simplest VCs, and it usually ends its VCs with a fireball and then a forward jump.


I’ve seen it super punish jabs

mind blowing

In fact they do this in SF4 too


^Might favorite AI moment i’ve ever seen was a guile in SF4 focus attacking the instant I srk him, he crumbles me, dashes, and then hits me with a standing fierce into super. Seriously… this has to be close to impossible to actually do, but I wouldn’t be surprised if was actually possible… I would just be insane though.

OT: I would suggest playing online on GGPO or supercade just because you’ll get bad habits from playing AI. Find someone willing to teach you (GGPO community is really nice from my experience) and just go from there.


I would also like to suggest play both on GGPO and on the PS2 Alpha Anthology. GGPO is a great area to get some matches in with a few SRKers (like myself) for Alpha 3.

PS2’s Alpha Anthology has Training Mode so you can practice some of the basic BnBs and V-ISM juggles there.

Playing AI is not really good to do since you start getting used to bad habits that usually works on AIs but not against human matches, so go ahead and try GGPO/PS2 Alpha Anthology.


If you are new to Street Fighter and especially Alpha 3 then don’t get to messing around with v-ism yet, it will be over your head for a while. Stick to X/A as they are “closer” to the other Street Fighter games and will let you get used to the gameplay mechanics and style first.


If you can set it up with

I’d be glad to spar around with you and practice.