Anyway to remove a super glued adapter from ALU aluminum Battop?


Alright so I recently ordered a ALU aluminium battop from focusattack and after playing around with it for awhile, I noticed it kept coming loose.
I mentioned it to my brother and he said he could fix that. He super glued the adapter to the battop and it doesn’t come loose. Problem is that it wasn’t screwed in enough thus making the stick shaft loose and it moves too much.
Anyway to remove the adapter from the battop? I really want to avoid ordering a new one.


Let it soak in goo gone!


will try it out! thanks


Sure, your brother.
Next time, use blue Loctite.


or use acetone. part of the ingredients of goo gone but more pure and does the job with just 1 chemical instead of a bunch.


Could always boil it for a few minutes if the Goo Gone doesn’t work. Let it cool down a little before you try to handle it so you don’t burn yourself, but you should be able to get it out of there while it’s still malleable.


He’s more of the tech person than I. He does all the modding for me.
I’ll keep that product in mind though. Thanks


wrong thread!